Got us through Hurricane Sandy in NYC 2012

Jan 14, 2013
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Pros:GREAT runs the fridge/freezer and lights and small wndow AC at same time 

Cons:Wish it was 2000 running watts or 16.7 amps.

The Bottom Line: I strongly recommend this unit. 1500 watts Runs what you need in an emergency. Runs overnight. Price is right. Portable also

This unit does have  low oil shut off ... Also it is GREAT to have during a power out. We had power, a working regular size fridge/freezer, light and heat in lower Manhattan when others were in the cold and dark during the after math of Hurricane Sandy this unit ran 12 hours a day for almost 6 days.. burned about 1.5 gallons a day which was good as if I had a larger unit I would have run out of gas the first night..2000 surge watts/ 1500 running watts was more than enough for us also.. Kept the fridge going we had lights a small TV that picked up local digital channels.charged our cell phones, Ipad and car jump battery that we also used for light and charging at times.. We also ran a 800 watt radiant heater to heat up a room at night. Started the Geni around 5:30 AM each day and ran it about 6 hours gave it a few hours break in the middle of each day to cool off and changed the oil before starting it again each day and running it another 6 hours before we shut it down for the night and took it back inside each night.. Changing the oil was a breeze just do it after a shutdown and before you add more gas.  I just tipped the unit forward and the oil ran out the oil fill hole into a plastic container takes a fews minutes to drain.. Adding oil is also easy just get a long neck funnel.. Changing the oil frequently makes the geni run better and burn less gas. Also I used 93 octane gas and a little gas sta-bil.. I own 2 of these one in Michigan and one in NYC and have another on order for NYC, Never had any problems with either and I even ran a 13 amp circular saw with one., cutting boards for several hours one day.  These geni's are GREAT... I've read several bad reviews but they seem to be mostly from people who don't know how to care for small engines,  don't tighten loose fittings, or add the correct amount of oil so it DOESN"T over fill and leak out.. Oh and the ones who have the unit run great for 30 minutes then it just stopped and wouldn't turn over again.. THESE guys forgot to add ANY oil and blew the engine.. Also the people who want to run a 1600 watt hair dryer on a 1500 watt geni GEE wonder why that didn't work???? This unit is GREAT up to 12.5 amps 1500 watts and even ran a 13 amp circular saw I gained 0.5 running amps that day..

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