The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender: My review

Feb 13, 2013
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Pros:lots of features, warranty, to go cup, warranty

Cons:the glass gets heavy

The Bottom Line: I love this blender. Other than the glass being heavy it is perfect.

I wrote in my review of the Hamilton Beach Wave Station that for a variety of reasons I have more than one blender.

I spent about $25.00 for the Hamilton Bach Stay or Go 10-Speed Blender.

What I like about the Hamilton Beach Blender:

It has 10 speeds and 450 watts.

It has a filler cup, which is the plastic piece that goes in the middle of the lid. This can be taken out while the blender is in use and filled with, let's say nuts, and the nuts can be poured into the blender.

The 48-ounce glass jar is dishwasher safe.

There is a thermal insulated travel cup.
It has a 3-year warranty.

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 10-Speed Blender pushes the food in the blender down into the blades. If I have bananas on the top of other fruits the bananas are pulled right down.

The food never sticks to the sides so I don't have to scrape off food to get it all blended.

The base locks in place so the jar stays nice and secure when blending. When I'm done I just move the base to the right and it unlocks. I then put my 48-ounces of smoothie in the refrigerator.

The gasket around the cutting blades is attached. This is good and bad. The good is that I don't have to worry about losing it. The bad is that it makes cleaning around the blades a little harder than without the gasket.

There is a quick clean function that can be used if, for example, I made a smoothie today and tomorrow was making the same smoothie. I pour two cups of warm water in the jar and add one drip of liquid dishwashing detergent. I then run the blender on quick clean for ten seconds and discard the soapy water and rinse with clean water.

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 10-Speed Blender is very easy to clean when not using the quick clean function. All the parts except the cutting blades can be top rack dishwasher washed.

The ice crusher button really works. It is the only button that has to be held; all the others I just push down on and it blends or grates or liquefies, chops, purees, stirs...on high or low.

What I don't like

The glass jar is heavy when empty and of course even heavier with 48- ounces of smoothie in it. Then add the base to the glass jar and I'd guess that it weighs five pounds full. If you are someone who has a hard time holding weight like that, then skip this blender.

The way the lip is designed makes the smoothie drip a bit.

How I use the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender

This is a simple machine to use. I put the cutting blades in the Sure Rest (the base that locks.) base and then I put the jar on top of this and screw it in until it locks. I then just add the ingredients I want. When it's done to whatever consistency I want I unlock the base and take the jar off.

The Travel Cup was a little tricky to figure out but once I got the hang of it I love it. The Travel Cup has a black lid which has a moving piece to close the hole from which I drink. I unscrew the lid and put in whatever I want to blend. The blade gets screwed into the top which becomes the bottom because I turn it over and put it on the blender. That's it. When it's done I take out the blade and put in the spill-free travel lid. What's interesting is that this Travel Cup has a black piece on the bottom which can be unscrewed. When I do that the outside plastic is removed leaving me with a cup if I prefer to drink it that way.


The base is 6-inches high and 7 ½-inches deep. The glass jar with the Sure Lock Base is 9- inches tall making the total 15 inches high. It's attractive - not beautiful - but it looks fine on my counter.

The Travel Cup for the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 10-Speed Blender is 8 ½ inches high with the lid on and holds 12 ounces.

This is a great blender. I really like it.

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