A Fairly Decent Slim Profile Smart HD TV

Jan 21, 2013
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Pros:Low power consumption and very good picture quality

Cons:Does not work with flash videos

The Bottom Line: A very good buy especially at this price but takes some learning to get to use all the features offered on this set.

Here’s my review on the feature-rich extremely good picture quality, thin profile Samsung 40 inch UN40ES6100F Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi and Samsung apps for Internet. The TV comes for apps for YouTube, Hulu and many others. It also has a web browser but because of a lack of a keyboard it is not as convenient to type in the URL to access various sites. But it Does have one major flaw, somehow I wasn’t able to get it to work when dealing with Flash videos. We did try to download Flash, it downloads fine but wasn’t able to install. Somehow, it does work on YouTube videos. Because of a lack of a keyboard, it’s also kind of awkward when inserting the password for the Wi-Fi setup. My WPA 2 password is 39 digits  long which consists of both letters and numerals. After getting to know how to use the remote control and work around the short comes, the TV is very pleasant to use.

When the TV was first turned on, it prompt for setting up Internet either with Wi-Fi or ethernet and after that was set up. Next the TV downloads the latest firmware and then install it followed by downloading and installation of the apps for various web functions. Finally, it prompts for setting up regular TV programming. The default setting was for digital cable TV. Since we don’t have cable TV service, it has a setting for over the air digital TV broadcasts. Our over the air digital TV is via a roof antenna with coaxial cable. In order for it to receive all the stations available, I had to allow it to scan for available stations off the air. We were able to get close to 60 channels at our location.

It is possible to stream videos from your computer or from your NAS (network attached storage) providing that you had them enable from those devices. For your PC or Macintosh computer. Samsung does offer a download to be install on those devices to turn them into a media server which will stream videos to the TV. It’s possible to do this from a NAS providing the device has the DNLA Server interface. For best quality picture, it’s best to connect your TV to your network via ethernet cable. For me, since I have a secondary router setup as a repeater directly below where the TV is located where it’s getting excellent signal. It needs at least 10 mbps or better in consistent bandwidth in order to play HD videos. From my experience, this TV will not play Flash, MP4 or any of my recently made AVI videos. But does play wmv just fine. Most of my earlier made by someone else MP4 and AVI does play fine. It may be simply by minor incompatible coding.  Any videos that I try to play on this TV that isn’t supported will cause the TV to crash. When that happens, it was sit there forever loading with the remote control unresponsive. In most cases pressing the on and off button on the remote will shut it down. One time, that did not work and I had to pull the plug on the TV to get it to turn off. The only way to make all videos compatible was to convert them all to wmv using a converter program on my computer. After this was done, the TV was working fine. The two USB ports also supports video streaming from jump drives or external hard drives. Initially before setting up the TV for streaming over Wi-Fi, I’ve simply copy supported video files from my computer to the jump drive and was able to play them on this TV.

This cool running edge mounted thin profile LED backlighted, 40 inch Smart TV is relatively power thrifty averaging a claimed 48 W when on and negligible power consumption when off. This thin profile TV weighs about 26 pounds with the stand and about 24 pounds without. I had ours wall-mounted in our eat-in kitchen instead of the living room using a swiveling TV wall mount near the ceiling level. That is because my wife spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Having it there, making it possible for her and everyone in the household to enjoy the TV while eating as well as while for her when doing household chores.

We are very satisfy with the picture quality of this TV set despite a short-comes and in time will probably get another one for the living room as well. And for those of you who aren’t computer savvy, getting this TV set to work on streaming videos via network may prove to be troublesome. But this TV allows the use of USB drives to stream video makes it much simpler to watch your saved videos. The drive can also be an USB external mechanical one to store your video files. We also have a DVD player connected via three RCA cabling to this TV and it works fine with this TV. This TV has some HDMI ports on the back also but since the DVD player does not have one and I wasn’t able to make use of the better interface.

I will update this review when I learn more about this TV set in the future.

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