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Jan 29, 2013 (Updated Jan 30, 2013)
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Pros:Full HD 1080p input; Robust Video/Audio connections

Cons:Limited One Year Warranty

The Bottom Line: I have nothing but enthusiasm for the Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV and I have no problems recommending the set.

I am a man; as my wife will most surely attest.  And like “almost” all men I love all things electronic; the more buttons, color LED’s, and controls, the better!  No, I do not spend all of my time buried chin deep in the written word, or studying the arcane and convoluted tomes of computer manuals.  I do take an occasional break and lose myself in the increasingly unwashed—and dare I say violent—world of television, sans the reality genre.  And when I do I want to behold a picture that is bright and brilliant, and as vibrant and sharp as the world itself.  So, when it came time to purchase a television for the Family Room of our new home, High Definition Television or HDTV, was THE choice.

Now, I went back and forth with myself on which size television I wanted above the family rooms' brick fireplace; something larger than 32” of course but how much larger?  I eventually settled on a 46”, but then went back and forth with myself about the brand, settling on Samsung mainly because I enjoy the 26” model we have in the Master Bedroom. My model of choice: Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV with (2) HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) ports inputs as well Composite Video, and various audio outputs.
Product Description

The high gloss black finish Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV serves up a 46" 1080p wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio screen, built-in digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) tuners for over-the-air TV broadcasts (antenna required – not included in the box), built-in QAM cable TV tuner capable of receiving  unscrambled programs without a set-top box (cable service required).

This plethora of video-enhancement features helps “Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV deliver an excellent video image straight from the colorful box.  The factory video settings were fairly accurate, though the screen was rather bright; a screen button on the slim-line remote control allows you to toggle through a number of pre-defined screen settings in order to tone down the brightness and on-screen controls allow for finer video tuning.  I plugged the television into the Sony HT-CT150 Theater System with sound bar via an HDMI cable, so I cannot speak to the sound quality of the unit. 

I went with HDMI for video and audio, however, the Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV will accept all matter of inputs including composite video, and good ole coaxial cable.  Digital as well as analog audio outputs are available if you want to connect the unit to an A/V receiver without benifit of HDMI. 

All of the set-top controls for the Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV are located on the bottom right hand side of the unit, almost flush with the bezel, in the form of one push button/rocker that turns the unit off and on, but also affords one access to the television's menus.  Since the entire chassis is black including the control button, it might be hard to see said control in limited light, however there is red standby LED fitted above it, so...In any event the remote control is excellent, so there has been no need to ever use the bezel mounted button.

First Impressions:
The Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV is the idea HD solution for any moderate sized Family Room; ours measures 21x12, and is perfect mounted above the fireplace.  It takes its place in the room without overpowering the space and the gloss black finish coordinates well with our other decor.  

The picture quality is superb, and on par with our smaller 32” Sony BRAVIA in our Living Room, and dare I say a tad bit brighter and sharper.  The colors are rich and vibrant, sharp (very sharp) and deeply accented.  And the blacks are indeed black, and adjustable!   I could not be happier with the image quality and features the Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV brings to the viewing table. 

My AT&T U-Verse HD receiver offers 480i, 720p, as well as 1080i resolutions and automatically synced up with my new Samsung.   The inclusion of only (2) HDMI inputs, both located on the back of the unit, limit the Samsung’s versatility somewhat, but in doing my research for the unit, I found that this seems to be the industry standard.  My guess is that the manufactures expect these larger units to be mated with A/V receivers, which can well provide for a plethora of HDMI inputs, so why build them into the televisions? The on-screen menus are many, but they are easy to use; I spend about 10 minutes familiarizing myself with the well laid out controls and I have now mastered them.
I have lived with the Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV for almost two months now and I have to save that I love the set and do not regret my inexpensive (only $653.00 at Best Buy) purchase.  My spouse, who at first was a skeptic, loves the set as well.  The sleek design and black color agrees with her designer’s eye.  The picture can easily be viewed from straight forward and slightly off-center; too far off center however and the image loses a considerable amount of brightness, so I am glad I mounted the unit on a swivel wall mount. 


I have nothing but enthusiasm for the Samsung UN46EH6000F 46” LCD Flat Panel HDTV and I have no problems recommending the set.  The unit is just the right size for our Family Room and the picture quality is better than anything else on the market—in my humble opinion.

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