The Netgear DGN3500 Wireless Router is not worth buying

Feb 3, 2013 (Updated Feb 4, 2013)
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Pros:setup was easy, ethernet worked well

Cons:weak wireless signal, printer and PC wifi dropped too often, no push button wpa connectivity

The Bottom Line:

The Motorola router ATT supplied with my line upgrade is better in every way. I can't recommend this unit.

This is my first entry into the lean and mean February contest

I got the Netgear 3500 Wireless N router in 2012, when my previous unit, also a Netgear died. At the time, I had decent history with Netgear products. I was attracted to decent product reviews, the Netgear name, close to top of the line speed and output capability among the Netgear alternatives and a price of about $80.

My home network consists of a desktop PC with wireless networking capabilities , laptop, (hopefully) wireless printer, Iphone and Ipod. My network connection with this unit was standard DSL from ATT.

The Netgear 3500 router was billed as having capability of up to 300Mbps, much more than my dsl connection was putting out. Setup was described as easy. This unit had 4 ethernet ports. Warranty is a year for parts and labor.

Setup was easy and smooth. The unit was plug and play. The unit connected easily to my DSL. Setup and configuration took only a few minutes on the desktop. The printer and router recognized each other and connected well initially.

Then, some flaws began to show up:

- wireless connection to the desktop PC and printer proved problematical., even though the router, the desktop and the printer were on the same physical desk.  Sure it would work most of the time but the connection on each dropped without warning, sometimes while I was using the PC, and the only solution was to reboot the router. The drops over time were becoming more frequent. I ended up using an ethernet connection for the desktop and connected the printer using USB. Once I did that, there were no more outages on the printer and only a few on the desktop.

- the signal in the back of the house was weak and unreliable. That is important for myself and our guests. I tried 2 different Netgear extenders. Connection to this router was more difficult than I would have expected for each. Neither helped boost the signal reliably enough so that decent wireless connections were available in the back bedroom.

- worse, this new, supposedly top of the line Netgear product, did not have push button wps connectivity even though the same brand's extenders did.

So when I found out I could get upgraded lines, better speed and a free router from ATT, I took it.  The new router, a Motorola NVG510, is reliably delivering speeds three times the Netgear did without drops. I have the desktop and printer connected wirelessly. There have been no drops to my knowledge. Even better, the laptop, Iphone and Ipod are connecting and staying connected well in the back bedroom.

On balance, I cannot recommend this unit. The wireless strength is weak and units even in close proximity to the router suffered drops that were too frequent.

2 stars

Thanks for reading. God bless!

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