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Feb 5, 2013
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Pros:VERY Quiet
Energy miser
Gets dishes clean

Cons:Manual Filter to clean
Countdown clock may not be completely accurate

The Bottom Line: A great dishwasher that will save you money without realizing it's even On!

We went out to get a new dishwasher since our 7 year old Whirlpool had a leaky seal and was making some awful noises.  Going to Consumer Reports, I found the Bosch SHE3AR72UC 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher was the highest rated dishwasher around.  We went to Abt and purchased it there.  The salesperson made a comment that talking to repair guys, they have the fewest calls on this brand and that an extended warranty may not be worth buying (nice of him to say). 
Once the dishwasher was installed by the professional, we realized how quiet these dishwashers could get.  If it was not for the relatively accurate countdown timer on the front, I would have no idea if it was on or not (still happened to open it during mid cycle of course).  The interior is all stainless steel except for the bottom which is a gray plastic.  I figure this must be for cost savings.  It has silver painted on the front by the handle which gives it a nice clean look and the red LED Countdown clock.  According to Bosch, this rates at around 50db, which is insanely quiet.  A big  reason for this is the lack of a built in food grinder like the Whirlpool and Maytag dishwashers tend to have built in.  The Pro is a quieter operation, but the Con is you have to frequently clean out the filter on the bottom of the dishwasher.  IF you scrap off the majority of food before putting dishes in here, it will be fine and not cleaned more than once a week.  The appliance comes with 6 cycles (Heavy Wash, Auto Wash, Normal, Delicate, Express Wash, and Rinse and Hold) and a delay start and Sanitize options.  The Sanitize option will take an extra 20 minutes or so to make the water a bit hotter and a bit longer to dry.  I have found the Normal wash uses less water than the Auto Wash (per the manual), so if you are looking to save water, I recommend the Normal cycle.  The heated dry is not really used much on this dishwasher as they really say rinse aid is better to use to dry off items.  You can turn on electric heated dry when setting up the dishwasher (As well as how much rinse aid to dispense in a cycle), but they have Heated Dry off to save energy.  After a few months of not having the heated dry on, I notice the dishes tend to come out dry for the most part.  It is also nice that the heating element is hidden on the bottom so you can finally put plastic Tupperware on the bottom and not worry about melting.
                I have noticed the water savings as well with this dishwasher.  My 7 year old Whirlpool was Energy Star back in 2005, but it used around 4 gallons on Normal Cycle.  This one uses around 2.9 gallons.  We use it EVERY Day with a little one running around, so it is obvious this really saves a lot of water.  We also noticed a drop in electricity of around $10-15 a month since the electric dry is not really used on this model.  This has one of the highest accolades from Energy star on the Electricity and Water use so it is really advanced compared to the competition.  As I previously mentioned, it is very quiet.  All you tend to hear is the water draining out at the end, but it makes a big difference when you have an open concept kitchen/family room.  This also sets it apart from the other models.  A nice model (Besides the child lock which has been awesome for us) is the fact that the door self latches once it is open less than 20 degrees…this helps with making sure it’s never in the way. 

                The racks are foldable on the top and bottom for one row.  It helps with large dishes and wide pans.  The rack is nylon wrapped which is better to have to prevent any rusting.  The top rack is also adjustable up and down for larger items as well.  I have noticed it may not hold as much as our old whirlpool dishwasher as the silverware rack is on the bottom rack now instead of the door.  I also noticed that the bottom rack is more designed for plates and that it is hard to fit more than 5 cereal bowls on the bottom before putting them on the top.
                I am very happy with the new dishwasher and I know it will last for a long time.  The dishes come out dry (unlike others who say they do not, which may be due to not setting up the rinse aid settings correctly) and the cycle countdown clock is fairly accurate, but tends to speed up towards the end of the cycle.  Delay start works well and the design and layout are great, although you may lose the space on the inside compared to other dishwashers.  Cleaning the filter on the bottom is really easy, but again a step you do not need to do with other dishwashers on the market.  However, the Pros do outweigh the Cons.  A great addition to any kitchen.

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