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Feb 23, 2013
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Pros:Small, high quality black and white, clear scanning

Cons:Wireless communication issues with MAC, ink consumption (color), low photo quality

The Bottom Line: For here and there use at home, mostly in black and white, it is a good buy. For photo printing, there are better options out there.

We bought the Cannon PIXMA MG 3120 Wireless Ink-jet Photo All-In One about six months ago at Target when it was on sale. It has definitely served its purpose and was worth the $70 we spent on it.  It might be wise to spend more if you are going to use this printer a lot, we don't need it every day so did not spring for the higher end model. 

All of the functions work well and it is extremely easy to set up.  With my Mac, I just plugged it in and it worked immediately.  To set up the wireless printing took about 5 minutes.  Although I must say that I have had to remove and reinstall the printer on my computer a few times, because it will stop responding to the wireless signal after some time.  I don't use the printer often, and am not sure if that is the issue.  But plugged in, it works fine and prints quickly.  

To scan, the printer has to be plugged into my laptop every time.  But the image/ document scanned comes in crytal clear.  The scanner also breaks up documents with sections into multiple files, as well giving you one file with the entire document. This can be helpful if you are looking to zoom in on one part of a larger document.  You can also turn that fuction off and just have one scan of the whole document if you prefer.

We have only printed a few photos with this unit... the ink can get expensive and the printed photo quality is not as good as CVS's Photo Lab or other photo printing service. A few photos ran us pretty much out of color and we haven't replaced it yet! The black ink is around $20 for a "high yield" cartridge; the color cartridge is closer to $30. I think you would be better served to just email pictures to CVS or Walgreen's and pick them up when they are done!  

We bought this printer for job searches when we moved to a new city and it does a gorgeous job in black and white on nice paper.  It can print labels and envelops too which can be helpful for professional purposes. It can also print double sided on its own! 

The Cannon website says that this printer can print pages at 9.2 per minute in black and white and 5.0 per minute in color.  It can also print "a border-less, 4" x 6" photo in approximately 44 seconds." The website lists the paper it can print on as follows: 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 8" x 10," Letter, Legal, U.S. #10 envelopes. 

There are some functions we have never/ rarely use.  We tried the mobile printing from each of our phones once, to show that it worked.  But we honestly just don't have a use for this function on a regular basis.  It was very easy to do though, and could come in handy for people who do business from their cell phones often.  It also came with software to edit photos and create stills from movies.  We have never used or even checked out the programs. We both already have photo editing programs that we are used to and like. 

The unit is relatively light (the Cannon website says it weighs 12 pounds).  I've moved it around the apartment several times as I rearrange our place. Its compact, easy to pick up and relocate when needed for a project.   

If I had to do it over again, for our purposes, I would absolutely buy this unit again.  It is not the best on the market by any means and has some issues, but it works well and has been reliable for us.  I have had some frustrating moments with it and wireless communication with my laptop, but it always gets the job done in the end.

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