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Feb 24, 2013
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Pros:Outstanding, sharp, clear, crisp display; works well with Windows 8

Cons:Volume on the built-in speakers a little weak

The Bottom Line:

I like this display, a lot!  For the price I paid for it, the ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor performs well when mated with Windows 8

I have always been a huge fan of ViewSonic monitors.  My love affair with ViewSonic dates back to when I bought my very first ViewSonic, the 17G way back in 1993.  To this day, the monitor is still going strong; I have noticed no picture fade or outward jittering or flickering from the screen, and it is on 24/7, even if it now relegated to the server room in the basement.  How is that for longevity?

I wanted to build a new Windows 2008 computer for my server room in the basement of our new home, but I lacked a free unspoken for monitor. And I did not want to attach this computer to a KVM switch.  So I decided to purchase a new LED monitor.

Now, the new monitor had to meet a few criteria; 1. It had to be an LED (I wanted to see if the technology was all that); 2. It had to have a built-in speaker(s), and; 3. It had to be at least 22” wide so I could take full advantage of Windows 2008’s tiling functionality.  Oh, and I did want to spend a fortune to get this functionality; read under $199.00. I chose the ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor ($151.99 at Amazon.com).

The Product

Product Description (from the manufacture): ViewSonic’s VX2250wm-LED features a mercury free LED backlight 22” (21.5” Vis) widescreen display with up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional CCFL backlit LCD monitors. The VX2250wm-LED offers Full HD 1920x1080 resolution, 5ms response time, an incredible 10,000,000:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio, digital and analog inputs and integrated stereo speakers. Ideal for both the home and office with its piano black finish, the VX2250wm-LED is an elegant fit to any décor. Combined with a 3 year limited warranty, an industry best pixel performance policy and Windows 7 certification, the VX2250wm-LED is a great long term investment for any display user.


The ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor ships with an installation CD, but I didn’t install it; there was just no need with Windows 8, the OS recognize the display and set up the best resolution for it. 

Video inputs (digital and analog) and power connections are on the bottom of the display.  Located here as well is the lone audio input.  The front panel controls are located on the front bottom right-hand side of the very attractive display.  The buttons can be a bit confusing at first.  The button labeled (1) will gain you access to the Main Menu wherein all manner of monitors controls can be manipulated.  The Up and Down button can then be used to move around the menu sub-system, and the button labeled (2) can be used to select menu items while within the menu system.  The number (2) button cam also be used to switch between video inputs; e.g. D-sub-1 (analog display 1), D-sub-2, or DVI.  The power switch is on the far right, and a rather large blue LED is positioned in the middle of the display at the bottom of the display along the clear bezel piece.

There are no connections or controls on the back of the ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor which makes the display idea and ready for mounting.   

First Impressions

This monitor is beautiful and bright!  And crisp, and clear, and I like it a lot! I connected the display via a standard VGA cable to a Dell Inspiron 520s slim-line computer.  As I stated above Windows 8 set the resolution for the ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor to a full 1920x1080, which is key for displaying the content the OS can and dies deliver to the desktop. 

While I certainly appreciate the built-in speakers included in the ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor, they are by no means high fidelity; indeed they are typical of monitor-born speakers and lack adequate sound in my opinion.  Be that as it may, the inclusion of the speakers means I do not have to take up space on my table for standalone speakers.

The ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor is an entry-level display and while it does tilt it does not swivel on its base.  Nor does it have a USB hub, but since this was not one of my criteria, it matter very little to me. 

I like this display, a lot!  For the price I paid for it, the ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor performs well when mated with Windows 8. If you need an energy saving, affordable display/monitor that is idea for surfing the Internet, watching video content, or word processing, look no further than the ViewSonic Vx2250wm 22” LED Monitor.  

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