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Feb 26, 2013
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Pros:Does the job quietly.

Cons:Long wash cycles and must manually turn off the dishwasher after cycle is complete.

The Bottom Line: This basic, quiet dishwasher is well-made and sturdy. If you don't mind buying specific cleaning products to obtain the best performance, buy this dishwasher.  It is beautiful and efficient.

I purchased this dishwasher and have used it for one full month.  I originally attempted to use Cascade liquid gel with bleach, because we had a brand new jug of it, but the dishes came out soaking wet and completely spotted.  I was so disappointed and unimpressed. 
Then we followed the manufacturer's recommendation which called for using Jet Dry rinse and powder dishwashing detergent.  We currently use the Finish Powerball dry tablets and the Jet Dry rinse and the dishes come out spotless and dry.
I am very disappointed with how few functions this dishwasher has, considering it is considerably more expensive than one of the mid-range line that has double the functions. I also find it inconvenient to have to literally turn "off" the dishwasher after it has finished washing the dishes.  After I turn it on before I go to bed, I have to remember to turn it off the next day or it will stay "on" until the button is pressed.   How archaic!  That feature should be changed to automatically turn off after the cycle is complete.
This is a basic dishwasher with 4 cycle functions and a sanitize feature that must be used in order to dry the dishes properly.  The cycles are really long, though ranging from a minimum of 100 minutes up to 134 minutes.
It is very quiet with a noise rating of 46 decibels.
I wanted a stainless steel dishwasher with a stainless steel interior and this one met those requirements.  The less expensive Bosch interiors do not have stainless steel interiors and they felt flimsier to me. 
Although the two racks are not stainless steel, they are adequately spacious with a utensil holder in both upper and lower racks and each has a row of moveable tines.  There is a spray mechanism on the bottom of the upper rack so you have to be careful not to put anything in the bottom rack that is too tall or you may damage either the dishwasher or your dishes.  I haven't had any problems packing the dishwasher with dishes and pots and pans.
This dishwasher cleans dirty pots and pans extremely well, even better than hand washing.
It does not have a food disposal mechanism, but a collection receptacle that you must clean out regularly which is very easy to access and rinse out.  I haven't done it yet because I rinse all food off of the dishes.
Overall, this a a great dishwasher, if you only need it to perform basic functions.  It is quiet, efficient and very attractive with a recessed handle.  It is sturdy and does the job exceedingly well as long as you follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use the recommended products.

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