Samsung DMT800RHS 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher Super Quiet Dishwasher

Mar 1, 2013 (Updated Aug 2, 2013)
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Pros:Silent running, large capacity, efficient cleaning.

Cons:Cup, mug drying poor, interior of unit isn't cleaned well during use.

The Bottom Line: Super quiet, large capacity dishwasher with several program options that does a very good job of washing, slightly less so of drying

The Samsung DMT800 RHS Dishwasher is a super quiet, efficient appliance. It has 6 noise reducing layers to make it virtually silent and according to the Samsung information it has an advanced motor sound insulation system. When it is running you won't know it, except for the occaisonal hum and electronic notes that sound quietly as it goes through the cycles. This is a large capacity dishwasher that takes huge soup pots as well as wine glasses. It has a clean look design with digital touch sensors, 6 cycles (Normal / Heavy / Delicate / Pots & Pans / Quick / Smart Auto  - with temperatures ranging from 120 - 149 degrees) , and 6 additional features (Delay Start / Sanitize (temperature goes to 162) / Half Load / Storm Wash (a designated area for really dirty dishes) / Child-Lock / Cancel and Drain.  It has a self-cleaning filter, and a digital leak sensore that detects the slightest leak. This unit does not require pre-rinsing and dries with twin fans. 
This is great dishwasher, and having had several over the recent years (Bosch, Kenmore and GE) this is by far the quietest, you literally don't know it is on. It cleans really well and does a very good job.
The only downside of this model is with Samsung's different drying method (not using blasts of heat) items aren't always really dry if it isn't left for several hours (like overnight). Even overnight there are mugs / cups and glasses that will have some water (very slight) on them, and they have to be dried off. A little irritating, but given what you get in return it is bearable.
More disappointingly is the fact that for some reason this model is unable to clean dirt that accumulates from the top of the door and in some of the recesses. Initially I thought it was due to how the dishes were stacked, but running it empty made no difference. There was a film of grease along the top of the door and in some of the recesses. This is a problem and Samsung needs to address it as otherwise this is a fabulous dishwasher.

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