The Perfect A/V Solution For My Mid-Size Family Room

Mar 10, 2013
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Pros:Sleek versatile design; affordable price; (3) HDMI inputs; excellent sound.

Cons:Small display

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a small foot-print, affordable, versatile home theater system, look no further that the Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar Theater System, I highly recommend it. 

We recently moved into a new house and it came complete with a dedicated Family Room.  While the house was being built I briefly considered installing a surround sound infrastructure, but that course proved too expensive to pursue.  And besides the Family Room is of modest size; just 12.5’ x 21, a far less elaborate set-up was called for. 

So I started looking at bar-type home theater surround sound system that was reasonably priced. But I wanted an A/V receiver as well, and space was/ is at a premium, so I decided to look for an all-n-one solution.  I reviewed systems from Sony, Panasonic, Bose, Polk Audio and in the end decided that the Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar Theater System’s combination of A/V receiver and sound bar was what I needed.  

Product 411

The Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar Theater System is an affordable ($242.99 at home theater system that one can plug (3) HDMI devices into for sound and video reproduction.  The Sony HT-CT150 acts as a HDMI repeater with pass-through and audio return channel, so that only a single HDMI cable is necessary to send /receive audio and video from a connected device.   

Product Description (from manufacture): Add room-filling sound to your TV viewing experience. This 3D sound bar delivers immersive audio without running wires across the room or setting up extra speakers, so you can complete your 3D home entertainment experience with simple, yet powerful surround sound. The HT-CT150 32" 3D sound bar home theater system features 3D compatibility and can also be turned into your entertainment hub by connecting multiple HD or 3D devices using a single HDMI cable per device. In addition to the latest audio decoding technology, this beautifully sleek sound bar can be easily mounted directly to select BRAVIA TVs, hung on your wall, or placed separately on a shelf.

The Sony HT-CT150’s (3) HDMI inputs were all I needed to connect my Samsung HDTV, Sony Blue-Ray /Internet streaming player, and AT&T Uverse device.  The unit offers audio output power of up to 75W into 3 channels + 75W Subwoofer (180-240Khz frequency response into 4 Ohms, with 1% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)). 

The Sony HT-CT150 is two units; a 23lbs subwoofer where all of the HDMI connections are made, and a 2lbs, 31.5” long sound bar.  The sound bar connects to the subwoofer by means of a single 10’ cable.     
First Impressions

The Sony HT-CT150 is easy enough to set up and it’s remote will even control your television and Blu-Ray player.  Four simple connections and I was done. Switching between devices is simple and easy with the included, rather busy remote, but I ended up setting it aside and going with a Logitech Harmony Universal Remote. 

Making changes to the settings on the Sony HT-CT150 can prove troublesome; while there is small display on the front of the unit, one has to be planted almost in front of it in order to read it.  Surprisingly there is no output to the television, so I make changes sparingly.  In any event the sound out of the box is excellent, so you may not need to make changes to the Bass, Treble, or Mid-rage settings.

The Sony HT-CT150 has a number of equalizer presets for listening to different venues; for example: Standard/ Movie/ Drama/ News/ Sports/ Game/ Music/ 2ch Stereo/ Portable Audio.  Since I rarely listen to music I find leaving the EQ setting on “Movies” is adequate for my needs.  On that setting the sound more than fills the room with robust (surround) sound.  The bass is deep, the mid-range sufficiently tonal and the treble high and responsive. 

Is it true 5.1 or 7.1 surround? No, but the sound the Sony HT-CT150 does produce is impressive.  If my family room was bigger and segregated I might have opted for more robust set-up, but over I am very happy with my choice.                

Despite the small display, I am glad I choose the Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar Theater System; it is exactly what I needed in the space.  The subwoofer is large, but not overly so and the top acts as a shelf for my Blu-Ray player and AT&T Uverse receiver, though long term I want to find a more attractive storage solution.  And the sound bar looks at home on top of the fireplace mantle.

If you are looking for a small foot-print, affordable, versatile home theater system, look no further that the Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar Theater System, I highly recommend it.

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