Lenovo ThinkPad T530

Mar 12, 2013
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Pros:Speed, power, reliability, durability, keyboard, backlight, touchpad, steering nub, overhead light, cheaper than Mac, business-class

Cons:Bulky, a little heavy, square

The Bottom Line: It may look pretty 90s, but this all-business machine is far ahead of any of its competitors.

I have had my T530 since August and have been using it for school and work, and I can definitely say that this computer is a true business machine. It is fast, powerful, and has not given me any problems. One of the main negatives about this laptop is that it is somewhat big and bulky and does not have the same kind of sleek look as some other models. This may sound bad, but this bulky build is exactly what makes this laptop tough and durable. I certainly wouldn’t recommend handling it too roughly, but I can say that it has survived over a semester of being dragged around in a backpack everywhere and is no worse for wear. This computer, since it is a business-class machine, has much more power and speed than consumer-grade models. Basically this means it’s not going to break down, freeze, or become sluggish as easily as those computers. Also, I am actually a big fan of the keyboard on this machine. It takes a little getting used to since it is different than most laptop keyboards, but when you do it is actually much easier to type on. You might even find yourself thinking back to the days of those big tall keys on desktop keyboards, which is kind of what this keyboard is supposed to mimic while still remaining low-profile. The keyboard also has backlighting, and even a neat overhead light that shines down from the webcam area. I also think that the touchpad on this laptop is very easy to use, and it does not take any getting used to. Finally, for those people that still use the little nub in the middle of the keyboard, it is still there. You will pay a premium for this much quality, but it is still cheaper than a Mac and as an added bonus it is actually compatible with the rest of the world unlike Macs. I wish it wasn’t so but a PC is kind of a must for most professionals, and this laptop is as professional as it gets. To sum it up, this thing is a beast.

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