Stubborn bushes lose

Jun 9, 2002
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Pros:Very sharp, fits easily in the hand

Cons:The handles could be more comfortable

The Bottom Line: They will be the only shears you will have to buy for a very long time.

I recently bought a townhome that was a fixer-upper. I would say that most of fixer-upper part was outside. When I first moved into the house there were so many bushes out front that I couldn't see the wall. I wanted to get rid of all the ugly bushes but, I couldn't because they were so thick that I couldn't even get a shovel anywhere near the roots to dig them up. I figured I would get more done quicker if I got pruner to trim everything back to get to the roots so I went to Home Depot.

When I got to Home Depot I picked up the first pruning shears that I saw and bought them. I don't like to shop so I didn't care which ones I bought as long as they did the job. I went home and immediately went to work. Now, I have to tell you that I pruned a lot of bushes that day. I think I pruned about 25 bushes and most of the branches were as thick as my index finger. I'm telling you I was cutting through branches like they were made of jello. I was amazed that they were just as sharp when the job was done as when I bought them at the store.

I have since used the shears for other outdoor projects and they still work wonderfully. I am impressed. The only thing that I would change about the shears is the grip. I managed to get a few blisters while using the shears but, it was well worth it.

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