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I agree with jro26...
by kiko_cat
that more details are always great. People are searching for information and the more you can give the better, especially about your own experiences (with the site, the ordering process, why you decided on them and not another company). Things of that nature are great!

This store sounds like one that might be good for experienced users who don't need manuals or things like that so you including that in your review is a great warning for those who really depend on those things.

Good luck with your reviews on Epinions and welcome.

Jun 21, 2002
3:20 pm PDT

by jro26
I see this is your first review, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience! I have a few suggestions on how to make your review more helpful to consumers. I was teetering between helpful and somewhat helpful but remember you can update your review and receive higher ratings.

You've covered the customer service and product area very well. If you would speak about the site navigation (how easy it was to find products, speed of the site, etc.), shipping charges, why you returned your item (was it because of their fault or yours?) and any other things you liked or disliked about this site. Remember to compare it to other sites that you like better if you've used any others.

If you have any questions or update your review, please email me!

Take care,

Jun 21, 2002
3:12 pm PDT