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Jul 6, 2002 (Updated Jul 6, 2002)
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Pros:Good Musical, fun to listen too.


The Bottom Line: A great Broadway musical and movie soundtrack that will have you humming all day long.

One of my all time favorite musicals is Music Man partly because I played the trombone in my school band, but also I think Robert Preston does a magnificent job in this show. I recently got the movie soundtrack out of the library, which brought back many good memories for me. I used to go to a lot of community theatre shows with my parents and this was one of the shows I adored.

I have never heard the Broadway soundtrack for this show, but their are few reviews, which claim Barbara Cook, does and outstanding job. I am sure she does; however, I feel Shirley Jones (yes Mrs. Partridge) does a fine job of carrying the part. If you only know her from her Partridge days Shirley Jones has a wonderful soothing voice that fits Marian very well.

The songs that stick out in my mind are of course Seventy Six Trombones, which is sung by Robert Preston and the Ensemble. I have always loved this upbeat marching song. Plus the fact that trombones are featured make this piece very lovable for me. I also like Robert Prestons Marian The Librarian o.k. all I admit Iím just a big romantic. I feel Robert Prestons baritone voice fits these songs so well, even when he talks his way through parts it just works for these musical pieces. I love Shipoopi mostly for the humor of the song. Sung by Buddy Hackett, yes, Buddy Hackett, this song has a jiving beat and works for Buddy. He pulls it off and leaves you humming if not laughing. Iíve seen the movie, but enjoy when listening to this song just closing my eyes and picturing the shenanigans that all are getting into.

I am including a list of all the songs on this CD if you are not familiar with the show:

1. Main title (Orchestra): including Rock Island (The Traveling salesman) and Iowa Stubborn. (The ensemble) (7:08)
2. Ya Got trouble (Robert Preston & the Ensemble) (3:55
3. Piano Lesson 7 If You Donít mind My Saying So (Shirley Jones &Pert Kelton) (1:54)
4. Goodnight My Someone (Shirley Jones) (2:49
5. Ya Got Trouble & Seventy Six Trombones (Robert Preston & The Ensemble) (2:45)
6. Sincere (The Buffalo Bills) (1:38)
7. The Sadder But Wiser Girl (Robert Preston) (1:45)
8. Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little (Hermione Gingold & The Biddys) (1:58)
9. Marian The Librarian (Robert Preston) (2:37)
10. Being in Love (Shirley Jones) (3:45)
11. Gary, Indiana (Robert Preston) (1:12)
12. The Wells Fargo Wagon (The Ensemble) (2:34)
13. Lida Rose & Will I Ever Tell You? (Shirley Jones & the Buffalo Bills) (4:11
14. Gary Indiana (Ronnie Howard) (.55)
15. Shipoopi ( Buddy Hackett & The Ensemble) (2:19)
16. Till There Was You (Shirley Jones) (2:57)
17. Goodnight My Someone (Shirley Jones & Robert Preston) (1:30)
18. Seventy Six Trombones (The Ensemble) (2:04)

One would think when this was written the performers in this show where in mind. However, this in not the case as is described in the jacket where they describe how Meredith Wilson wrote the original Music Man. He based the musical on memories of growing up in an Iowa town and being pushed into playing musical instruments. Though I wasnít forced to join our band I know some people that where forced into the band. I guess this helps with the enjoyment of the show and listening to the musical.

This CD is a fine introduction to some of the Old time classic Broadway musicals it provides fine orchestra music with a touch of marching music. For a change of pace itís nice to listen to some good old marching music. You also have a few slow love ballads thrown in to keep us romantics happy after all what show is complete without a love story.

I definitely recommend this CD for all who enjoy musicals, when listening try closing your eyes and let your mind show you this show. Itís fun and helps us keep our imagination it tact.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you have found this review helpful in some way.

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