JumpStart 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain

JumpStart 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain

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JumpStart 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain - Shhh W/O

Jul 26, 2002
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Pros:Learning fun

Cons:does not work on Windows XP

The Bottom Line: Great learning game for an older PC.

JumpStart 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain makes it fun for kids to learn by incorporating learning activities into games that are fun and challenging. There may be some frustration here and there, but by making it into a game, the kids seem determined to try and master it as they do with most games.

Object of the game

Polly has sent 25 robots back in time, she wants to alter history and your child, with the help of another robot named Botley, will find clues, get points for games and answer questions to bring back each robot before it can alter history. Sound easy? Not really, this game will have your child playing hours on end each day trying to bring back the robots, sometimes it can take days to bring back a few robots. Games are saved under the child's name from the initial sign in, they just go to their name the next time they play and pick up where they left off.


There are three floors to Mystery Mountain and on each floor are different games your child can play to earn mission points and clues to help bring back the robots. There are different levels of play that you can adjust to fit your child's specific needs, you have three levels to choose from, that way it won't be too hard or too easy.

First Floor

Jumbo Electro Generator - This game your child will play a lot since all the machines and devices in Mystery Mountain are run on electricity, by playing this math game, your child supplies power. When the energy indicator on the utility belt (shown at the bottom of the screen) flashes, your child needs to go play this game to supply more power.

The Kitchen Door - To go inside the kitchen and play the game in there, your child first has to figure out the combination on the kitchen door by using math problems.

Once inside the kitchen, your child can play The Robot Feeder. With this game your child will be told what "Mort" wants to each, then your child has to measure the different ingredients to help feed "Mort."

The Professor's Virtual Collection - Polly will give you a clue related to one of the pieces of art, your child picks the art piece by that clue. Mission clues and points are hidden in the artwork.

The Painting Gallery - Paint a picture to Polly's specifications and you can get a mission clue or points. Don't worry about how silly it sounds, just give Polly what she wants and you will be rewarded.

To get into The Music Hall, you first have to get past The Music Hall Door. To get inside your child has to unscramble a word by rearranging the letters on the door.

Once inside, your child can play The Music Player. In this game your child has to arrange music chips to reproduce the music that "Maestro" plays, don't worry, you can click on "Maestro" at any time to hear it again.

Second Floor

The Biosphere - Here your child will launch an explorer and go through a maze while answering questions that Polly throws at you, there are five different kinds of environments your child will launch explorers to: the desert, tropical rain forest, mountains, grasslands and oceans.

The Shrinking Room - When you enter here, Polly will give you a clue to find a specimen that is in the room. Egbert is the resident egghead that knows everything and is there to help if you just click on him. Use the Shrink-O-Matic to help your child learn a bit more about each specimen. Once you think you've found the right specimen, click on the microscope and you will shrink Botley and he will go inside the specimen. Once Botley is inside, you are ready to play The Fantastic Voyager. Here you use the mouse to bounce a ball to break molecules that surround the hidden mission clue or points.

Third Floor

You will first go to the Black Hole Blaster where you will collect radio waves while shooting at asteroids. Once you collect all the radio waves you can go to The Alien Signal Decoder to unscramble the clues. Here you will put the words in the right order to figure out the hint and then you go to the Far Out Star Chart to identify the constellation that Polly's hint is about.

The last game on the third floor is The Robot Obstacle Course where you will program Buster the robot to go through a maze to get the mission clues or points. This one involves thinking skills, where you will decide one step forward, jump, move right, left, etc.

Completing Missions

When you've collected a bunch of mission points and 4 mission clues, you go to Time Machine Mission Control. Click on the Wheel of Invention and the mission clues are loaded into the wheel, you will be asked three questions for each mission clue, once answered correctly you will be given a year, place, name and invention, you also get the Time Key. Follow Botley into the Time Machine, put the key into the console and you will be given the information to get the robot Polly has hidden there, once you find the robot, you will free him!

My Thoughts

This game was a hit with both of my kids. We originally got it when my daughter was in 3rd grade and once she completed it, it sat waiting for my son, who actually mastered the game when he was only in 2nd grade. My son is advanced, so that's why it was easy for him, but both of them had fun playing the game, they really didn't even think of it as an educational game, just a fun game to play, although it was frustrating at times, as all games can be. It does contain a lot of math, so if your child is having trouble with math, it may be frustrating and they may need a little help and prodding from you.

Since this is an older game, I have found that it will not run on Windows XP, but runs fine on Windows 98 or lower. Ours is running on the kids Windows 98 computer.
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