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Jul 27, 2002
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Pros:A perfect description of a 'mystical' event.

Cons:My only regret is not meeting this man.

The Bottom Line: I recommend One Last Time to anyone who has lost a loved one. Your questions about life after death are being answered in every reading he describes.

I can see him now, rubbing his hands together and staring off into space. He shifts his weight from one leg to the other. This man is everyone's neighbor. The guy you all have known at one time or another. He seems so 'normal'. And he is.
John Edward is the medium that society can accept. He is the perfect description of everyone's cousin. His talk and jovial nature comes through the pages of this excellent book in a way that is helpful, to the point, and matter-of-fact.
I believe that One Last Time is the psychic book of today. It dispells the mystery that usually envelopes the psychic world in a way that can make even the hardest skeptic sit up and take notice. And he adds no fluff to his readings. Thats a good thing. We all know that Grandpa loved us and always will. So, John concentrates his energy on the message that will help the sitter understand that Grandpa is still around with off the wall stuff that would only make sense to the sitter and Grandpa.
I highly recommend One Last Time to anyone that is trying desperately to understand if there truly is an after, after death. Because there is. And no matter how stressful and busy John Edward is in his own life, he has committed himself to his work. I commend him for that.
And he always makes it clear that what he does is something we all can do. He is the true middleman between each of our relatives' souls that have passed on and us- who are still here. His message is simple. The soul or personality continues even after our bodies quit. They are involved in our lives, always. All we have to do is listen.

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