Robitussin 1.0 Gallon Natural Cool Moisture Humidifier - Model DH832

Robitussin 1.0 Gallon Natural Cool Moisture Humidifier - Model DH832

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Snoring or Sinus Trouble? Try The Robitussin. Natural Cool Moisture Humidifier

Aug 17, 2002
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Pros:Cool Moisture; Antimicrobial protected filter; efficient

Cons:cleaning is a pain; refill 1-3 times per week if used daily

The Bottom Line: Good humidifier; puts out cool moisture; good "noise" level; new Healthshield antimicrobial filter

My husband snores, plain and simple. I’ve heard that humidifiers can help with people who snore. And my sinuses get very dry in the winter months which can lead to nose bleeds and other problems. These were our reasons for purchasing the Robitussin® 1 Gallon Natural Cool Moisture Humidifier. We also like having this extra background “noise” in our room as it blocks out things like dogs barking, passing cars etc. so we can sleep more peacefully.

Robitussin® 1 Gallon Natural Cool Moisture Humidifier Model DH-832

This humidifier is pretty compact in size compared to a lot of other humidifiers out there (like the Vicks products). It holds one gallon of water when it is filled to capacity and it can humidify up to 800 square feet, which is a room that measures 27’ by 30’.


- Power Light

- Easy to fill in the sink

- Compact Size

- Ultra Quiet Operation

- Runs up to 16 hours per filling/gallon (*Gallon output per day dependent on room temperature and humidity)

It also comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

This humidifier has 2 speed settings, high and low moisture output. It also features what is called the “Automatic Moisture Balance System”™ which means it naturally adjusts the output of moisture for maximum comfort in your room.
This Natural Cool Moisture System works by sucking dry air into the humidifier’s fan and it blows out invisible and moisture-balanced air. Unwanted elements (such as minerals and bacteria) that may be in the water are trapped inside the filter. When the humidifier is on, you will not see or feel a mist coming out of the ventilation openings, but you can feel cool air coming out. But you will know that the humidifier is putting out moisture as you watch the water level in the tank decrease throughout the day or night.

The Robitussin® Natural Cool Moisture Filter
What’s so special about the filter? It’s designed with new technology called Healthshield™. This antimicrobial technology prevents surface growth and the spreading of mold, fungus and bacteria in the filter for approximately one season. Depending on the quality of your water, mineral deposits can still clog or cause discoloration of the filter, which can still affect the filter and the life of the humidifier.

Each time you clean the humidifier, it’s recommended that you let the filter soak in cold water to help reduce mineral build up. Place it back into the humidifier when it is wet. Repeat this each time you clean the humidifier. Each time you refill the humidifier’s tank, it’s recommended that you flip the filter over to help water be evenly distributed on each end of the filter between cleanings. NEVER use HOT WATER when soaking the filter!

You will have to replace your filter about twice a year (once every season change: summer and winter). Replacement filter: AGW-813 or AC-813.

Cleaning & Maintenance

There are 4 parts to this humidifier. The base, the water tank, the filter and a remove and rinse tray. The remove and rinse tray holds the filter. When ready to clean the humidifier, simply turn the unit off and remove the water tank. Be sure to turn the water tank upside down to prevent spills. Remove the filter and let it soak in cold water. Remove the tray that holds the filter. The remove and rinse tray and the water tank are then ready to be cleaned. The water tank has a screw off fill cap that you will remove prior to emptying, filling or cleaning the tank.

You can either purchase a cleaning product specifically made to clean this humidifier, or you can use undiluted white vinegar to clean the Remove and Rinse Tray piece.
To disinfect your unit, the instructions recommend using 1 teaspoon of bleach and 1 gallon of water in the water tank and also the remove and rinse tray. Let solution stand for 20 minutes and then rinse out good until the odor is gone.

Our Experience & Recommendations

We’ve been mostly pleased with the purchase of our Robitussin® 1 Gallon Natural Cool Moisture Humidifier. It definitely provides ample amounts of moisture in our bedroom and has definitely helped with my husband’s snoring and my sinus problems. It has not left any condensation on any of our furniture or windows, so it’s putting out just enough moisture and it’s not over-humidifying our room. I was concerned about what the moisture would do to our furniture if it put out too much water/moisture. This has not been a problem.

The unit is simple and easy to operate. We usually set the moisture level on “high output” and it makes a decent amount of noise. We like the noise though, as it blocks out noises that might disturb our sleep otherwise. On the “low output” setting, it is virtually silent and makes very little noise.

The only thing that is annoying about this humidifier is the cleaning and re-filling process. We clean it and disinfect it about once a month, but we have to refill it about once or twice a week maximum. Cleaning is not fun, but it’s just a minor inconvenience. If we just use it during the night everyday, we have to refill it 1-2 times per week. If we happen to turn it on some during the day, we may have to refill it even more.

This humidifier is our 3rd one, and we’ve definitely been more pleased with it than the other 2 we tried. If you have any need for a humidifier in a bedroom, this one could be the answer. It’s a good buy and has so far lasted us almost 2 years of daily use!

Purchasing Information

We purchased our Robitussin® 1 Gallon Natural Cool Moisture Humidifier at K-mart almost 2 years ago. For more information about Robitussin humidifiers and where you can purchase your own humidifier and replacement parts (filters, etc.), go to:

or contact the manufacturer, Honeywell here:

Consumer Service Center
250 Turnpike Road
Southborough, MA 01772


Thanks so much for reading ;-)

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