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Aug 24, 2002
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Pros:Durable, inexpensive, decent options

Cons:Not enough button for the hardcore

The Bottom Line: Great quality stick with many options, but may not be enough for advanced players.

I got this joystick one afternoon at Best Buy. I decided I wanted to try some flight sim games on my computer. I didn't know if I'd like them, so I didn't want to buy an expensive stick or game for that matter. This one was there for 20 bucks. It looked like a decent amount of buttons available.

I have played 2 games basically with it. Here is my assessment of it in action in comparison to a new Logitech I got because I needed more buttons. This will let you decide maybe if you need this or a more expensive stick. I'm reviewing the new stick right after this as well if you want to check that out.

First, as all Logitech sticks I have seen, it has a solid base and joystick. I used it really hard (if that makes sense). I turned hard, fire hard, etc. It never had a problem and responded perfectly each time.

Second, it has 2 buttons on the base. This is also the case with other Logitech sticks. To make this review more complete, I'll mention how it performs in Comanche 4, a helicopter sim game. Quite a game while we're here. OK, so in Comanche, the base buttons I use to raise and lower elevation. Again, all Logitech sticks have this feature so it's a tie. 2 base buttons seem to be a good amount too. I wouldn't need or want any more.

Third, throttle. Same in both sticks. I don't use it in Comanche. For an F16 game, it worked perfectly in both sticks.

Fourth, the trigger. Always responds. Excellent.

Fifth, the buttons on the stick itself. This is where you'll need to make the call between sticks. Since I had a perfecly functioning Wingman Attack, I didn't want to get a new stick until I was sure I needed it. With the F16 games, I didn't seem to need it. Basically, this joystick has 3 buttons on the back of the stick, where you'd use your thumb to select them. One large on in the center I used to cycle targets (this is Comanche). The display lights up which enemy you are targeted on and this button (let's call it 4) can change them and cycle through available targets. Then there are 2 more (2 and 3 - 1 is the fire button technically). I used them to cycle through available weapons. You have 6 options or so in Comanche. 2 would be used to cycle forward and 3 would be used to cycle backward.

Now, the buttons themselves are excellent quality. They responded and didn't break despite hard use. But the problem with only having 2 to cycle through targets is it is hard when you need to change between weapons frequently. It came to the point that I couldn't perform well in the game due to needing faster weapons changes. Plus there were other functions I wanted to be able to do from the joystick that I still had to use the keyboard for such as landing, raising/lowering landing gear, and firing flares to defend against an attack. The next step up on Logitech joystick costs 40 bucks (at Best Buy, but a lot less on Ebay) and has so many options that I couldn't even use all of the buttons. I literally have buttons I do not use. My performance has improved and the games are more fun.

I'd stick with a Logitech joystick from what I have experienced. The quality is excellent. Which one you'll want will depend. Unfortunately, the only way to tell is to try them out and see what you need to perform in your game(s) of choice.

They also have a piece of software called the Wingman Profiler which lets you override the game controls and set them to your tastes with this software. It runs while you are playing your game and lets you have more options when selecting which buttons on your joystick will do what. The options are limitless. With the Attack though, there aren't as many options to this software isn't as necessary.

Make sure to download the latest software from too as I have not once had the latest version come on a CD.

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