Nordica Ski Boots

Jan 29, 2001 (Updated Feb 5, 2001)

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The Bottom Line Consumers are at risk in purchasing Nordica ski boots. It is clearly evident from my experience that the quality of their boots is inferior while their attitude is indifferent.

After purchasing my Nordica Syntech ski boots in 1982 and making only eleven ski trips since then, the heel and toe pads simultaneously disintegrated on both boots. This is extremely poor quality. However, I tried to purchase replacement pads by contacting my dealer in Atlanta,GA, Rocky Mountain Sports. They contacted Nordica and were told that the pads could not be replaced. Angrily, I shipped the boots to their office in Bordentown, NJ and told them they could keep the boots since they were no good to me without pads. They refused to accept them, and the boots were returned to me. I wrote to Nordica expressing my complaint, and they would not even bother to respond.

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