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LandsEnd quality going downhill
by bugmenot
I've been a loyal Lands End customer since when the only existed as a paper catalog, before the Web. They've apparently merged with Sears and become some kind of money-grubbing conglomo-corp.

I bought a standard, basic mesh polo shirt about 18 months ago. Fair price, substantial weight of fabric.

Just bought the exact same item in another two colors in recent weeks, and was sorely disappointed. First thing I notice, was the "iron-on tag," which of course, they pitch as a benefit. It only benefits the manufacturer, in saving a few dimes in the cost of the normal tag style, and having to pay some poor Chinese girl another nickel to sew it on.

But ever worse, the fabric is now about half the weight. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Save your money, and buy your polo's at Old Navy, where you can get the same Chinese cr*p for a more appropriate price, which is about half of what LandsEnd is now ripping people off for.

Oh, and they're one of the few on-line merchants still actually sticking the customer for the shipping charge.

What a sad state of affairs for a company that use to be respected, and generated loyalty in its customers. This is _exactly_ what corporate greed does to any company - creates an obsessive focus on reach or growth, and profit, above all else.
Aug 26, 2009
6:50 am PDT

Re: My Love Affair With Lands' End....
by modernmarvel
I bought my daughter a pair of pink (actually, according to Land's End the color is rhubarb) leggings. They are her favorite pants. She wore them twice a week in the dirt, mud and got all manner of paint, stains and food on them. I subjected them to harsh washings. They still look great. It is amazing.

I noticed they are now selling their clothes in Sears stores. I hope the quality and customer service remain the same because I don't have the same high opinion of Sears. I guess we will have to wait and see.
Dec 13, 2002
8:21 am PST

My Love Affair With Lands' End....
by briandalsmom
...Ok, I admit it, I'm hard to fit. I'm tall, and I'm not as thin as I used to be (read that, gained a lot of baby youngest is 15...go figure, still trying to blame it on them). Lands' End has pants for me!!! I know that doesn't seem like a big thing, but it is. Try to find tall, plus sizes--it's impossible! If you do stumble into them they're "old lady style" with elastic and no zippers. Sorry, I am an old lady, but I'll never wear those!

The 5-pocket jeans I buy are QUALITY! They last for years (unless Dear Hubby throws a towel with bleach on your favorite Forest Green jeans…but I’m not bitter) and they come in several lengths, including ones long enough for me!

Not only do they have jeans, but you can buy khakis, wool, etc., hemmed to you specific I dreaming????

I've been an online fan for years but a catalog junkie before that--Lands' End has been one of my favorites. High quality, outstanding customer service, and jean/pants for EVERYONE!

Thanks for letting everyone know how great they are!

The not so skinny, but oh so tall...

Dec 12, 2002
12:08 pm PST

Thumbs up for LE quality and timeless style!!!!
by elainehn
Almost 10 years ago I bought two pair of really cute overalls for my son, one in bright blue and one in kelly green. He wore these OFTEN ... and they held up remarkably, no fraying, no worn out or faded knees. I paired them with primary colored shirts in the 'color block' style that was popular at that time and everyone commented on how cute he looked. Over 6 years later his little sister was able to wear both pair, paired with pink or pastel or floral tops, and she too received lots of compliments and 'oh how cute!' type comments. For a pair of overalls to survive an active toddler boy is one thing, for them to look good enough for a younger sibling and be versatile enough to go from boy to girl is another!

Enjoyed the review!
Oct 18, 2002
7:44 am PDT

I'm Still Watching
by fhkerr
The customer service story about L.L.Bean is great. It is consistent with my Lands' End experience. I'm still a LE shopper, but I am watching for the possibility that Sears will change things.
Oct 18, 2002
7:33 am PDT