TRUST is most important in any relationship!

Feb 2, 2001

The Bottom Line Each person's web of trust is distinct by their own likings. Mine features my own taste and personality. I hope you'll take time and develop yours!

Hmmm... think about my title for a moment. Trust is most important in any relationship.... What does that mean to you? It means everything to me and I am sure glad that epinions developed a web of trust for it's members. The importance of that web of trust comes in many parts.

First of all, good writers are hard to find. Writers are a dime a dozen, but truly talented writers are hard to find. Only those who peak my interest and truly put their heart into their writings will be on my web of trust.

Secondly, my web of trust is important to me because it's an aide to me. It aides me in remembering who's epinions are worth my time to read. It helps me to keep track of my mind in a time when my mind isn't the greatest.

TRUST is a key ingredient in any relationship. Epinions is also a relationship. It is a relationship between writers and host site, between writers and readers, between consumers and companies, and also between fellow writers. I trust that anyone who contributes to epinions will give it their all and not copy anyone else's work and not write a few words that make no sense. People doing these things are quickly added to the web of distrust. (They are also reported to epinions if they are in severe violation of community standards!)

So, what makes my web of trust so special? I take my time in evaluating the epinions I read and I develop my web of trust from there. I don't put anyone unworthy of my trust onto that list. It is a list composed of true epinions talent and those who are deserving. It represents what the heart of writing and all good epinions represents to me. I hope you'll take the time to develop your web of trust to your own liking and standards.

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