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Galaxy 11301

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Galaxy 3.7 Cu.Ft. Chest Freezer - Basic and Dependable

Nov 13, 2002
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Pros:Compact for small areas, dependable

Cons:Manual defrost

The Bottom Line: A basic, compact chest freezer perfect for small spaces, and smaller families.

A few years ago when my husband was in his hunting phase, he decided we would need a freezer for all the venison, elk, moose, etc. that he was surely going to bag. Not to mention the heaps of salmon he would certainly catch on his upcoming fishing trek to Alaska.

Our house we were living in at the time was tiny. I mean teeny tiny. We didn't have a garage, so the freezer had to go somewhere inside the house. Plus we didn't have much money, so we had to find something relatively inexpensive.

Our trip to the local Sears store yielded several choices, but we decided on the Galaxy 3.7 cu. ft. because it was the smallest they had, and the cheapest. It would just fit in the spot we had chosen for it.

~ Features and Design

The Galaxy 3.7 cu. ft. chest freezer is white. Being a chest freezer, the top opens and lifts up. The exterior dimensions are: 21 1/2" deep, 27" wide, and 34" high. The exterior surface is slightly textured, similar to a refrigerator. It's a snap to clean.

This freezer is a manual defrost - the only thing I didn't care for, but we couldn't really afford anything else.

The temperature control is located on the exterior lower left side of the freezer. The temperature control is pre-set at the factory, however it is adjustable to provide a range of temperatures to suit your taste. You have to bend or squat way down to see it or adjust it. There is an "Off" setting in addition to the Colder or Warmer settings.

There is no light inside. There is no locking mechanism. This is as basic as it gets.

To Begin Using - For safe food storage you must let the freezer cool down for about 4 hours. Unfrozen foods should not be loaded into the freezer until it has operated for at least 4 hours.

It's time to defrost when you notice about 1/4" to 1/2" of frost has accumulated. Take out all the food, turn it off, place towels or newspapers on the freezer bottom to catch the melted frost as it loosens and falls.

And in order to avoid frequent defrostings, occasionally use a plastic scraper to remove some of the frost. An automobile windshield frost scraper works well.

~ My Experience with the Galaxy Chest Freezer

While hubby didn't bag as much game as he'd hoped, he did get a deer and a few salmon. (I prefer doing my hunting at the grocery store.) The Galaxy freezer, while looking so darn small, can actually hold a LOT of stuff! We froze his venison and salmon, and also ended up ordering a side of pork, cut up and packaged. It all fit in the freezer fine.

The venison and salmon has long since been used up, but we're now using the freezer to take advantage of meat and frozen food sales, and keep it well stocked. I simply couldn't live without a freezer now!

The chest design is, admittedly, a bit difficult to deal with, because you have to dig through to the bottom to find things. There are no shelves or baskets with this model. You just pack everything on top of everything. So that can be a pain if you're looking for something that happens to be on the bottom - which of course it always is :)

The best thing is we've had this freezer for, what, about 4 years now, and I have NEVER had to defrost it yet, nor have I done as suggested above and occasionally scraped off any frost. We do not open and close it very often, however, which I think cuts down on the frost build-up.

~ Final Thoughts

This freezer has never, ever had a problem of any kind. The gaskets on the lid are tight and create a good seal. We have never had to adjust the temperature. It runs very quietly. It's a super little freezer. If you only have a small space for a freezer, or need just a small, basic freezer, this is a great choice.

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