Igia Clear Blemish Remover

Igia Clear Blemish Remover

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Zounds! It’s a Zany, Zit-Zapping Zealot!

Nov 22, 2002 (Updated Nov 22, 2002)
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Pros:Non-invasive, effective method to reduce healing time for blemishes.

Cons:Expensive. No capability for AC adapter.

The Bottom Line: As with many products, reasonable expectations are key. It will encourage healing and shorten the life of blemishes. It did not make them magically disappear before my wondering eyes.

The “zany” part is that it works differently than any other product for blemishes that I’ve tried!

My first blemish appeared when I was about 13. I’m now 43. That gives me about 3 decades of experience with the offensive little blemish monsters.

During those 30 years, I discovered salicylic acid, alpha and beta hydroxy, benzoyl peroxide, Retin A, sulphur products, and even tea tree oil.

During the first 15 of those 30 years, I didn’t figure out that the myriad of acne products basically just contained varying strengths of those same ingredients. Thus, I acquired tons of products with the same ingredients, marketed under different promises.

When I think about it, for a 30 year period of time, that’s not many truly different types of treatment for blemishes.

Enter Igia Clear Blemish Remover.

Additional Product Specs/Details
(i.e. What is this thing, anyway?)

The Igia site (Igia.com), describes the product as follows:

IGIÁ Clear is the esthetic complement to your skin care regimen!

IGIÁ has developed Clear to allow you to bring European Beauty Salon Technology into the privacy of your own home.

Non-invasive and painless, this safe blemish remover is your best weapon in the fight against pimples, blackheads and unsightly skin blemishes.

Begin with the IGIÁ Cleansing Lotion. Apply the cleansing lotion to rejuvenate your face with a deep clean. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Follow up by touching the tip of the Clear Wand to the area you want to treat.

A mild, harmless current is transmitted and the extrusion process of dirt from the skin is accelerated.

Adjust the intensity control as desired. Complete your skin care treatment with the IGIÁ Soothing Lotion.

Enriched with Vitamin E , the lotion helps replenish and moisturize your skin with every use of IGIÁ Clear , you will see the improvement in your complexion. The results are terrific!

Features: European Salon Technology, Non-invasive. Safe and Painless, 2 fl. oz.

Clear Cleansing Lotion, 1 fl. oz. Clear Soothing Lotion with Vitamin E, Intensity Control, Compact Mirror, On/Off Indicator Light (red), Contact Indicator Light (green), Portable and great for travel, 9 Volt battery included!

At tv-showroom.com, the product is further described:

The IGIA Ultra Clear Blemish Remover is a beauty system that has been used in European Salons for years.

The IGIA Clear uses a non-invasive process that produces negative ions to destroy bacteria and remove unattractive blemishes within seconds. Once the bacteria is destroyed the natural healing process can occur through the pores.

The IGIA clear works best on small raised spots and typical skin problems such as pimples, blemishes, blackheads, ingrown hairs and mild acne.

The IGIA Ultra Clear is the safe, painless way to remove unsightly skin spots and let your natural beauty shine through.

How It Works

Igia says it works with ion technology. I don’t understand the true mechanics or science behind ions, really. I’ve seen photos and descriptions about how it’s supposed to work. Yet, like electricity, ions remain a mystery to me.

Also, like electricity, since it doesn’t hurt me when used with care, I’m less concerned with how it works than the fact that it does.

It’s reminiscent of the old “drawing” crème that Grandma used. It pulls impurities to the surface, shortening the life of the blemish.

Thus, the premise behind the product is different than salicylic acid, where layers of skin are removed to enable the blemish to heal more quickly.

In other words, with salicylic acid, you’re working your way down toward the blemish. With the Igia Blemish Remover, you’re pulling impurities closer to the surface.

If I leave the wand on the area longer than the recommended time of one minute, or use it several times during the day, I will experience some peeling, not dissimilar to that occurring with heavier doses of salicylic acid.

With more minor blemishes, I find they do simply “go away”, usually in a day or two.

Product Promises vs. Reality

Though the ads don’t specifically state so, the connotation to me was that I could touch the wand to the blemish and it would instantly disappear.

I suspected that was too good to be true, so I wasn’t overly disappointed to find the blemish didn’t instantly evaporate.

I’d made the purchase knowing I’d be happy if it were helpful at all.

It is; and I’m happy.

Use and Results

The Blemish Remover is used by simply touching the tip of the wand to the blemish. There is a slight, tingling sensation. It is not uncomfortable at all. In fact, I like it because I then feel it is working.

That’s important to me because I can feel exactly what area I’m treating, and even though I do not see a result instantaneously, I still believe I’ve accomplished something.

Usually however, in just a few hours, I will see a noticeable change in the blemish. It doesn’t disappear; but the changes have been significant enough that, to me, they were indisputably brought on by the Blemish Remover.

On the occasions that I have a deep blemish; one that feels it goes all the way to the bone and hurts; the blemish will actually look worse within a few hours.

I believe that is because the normal process the blemish would go through before healing is actually hastened.

Thus, if my high school reunion were that night, and I felt a new “zonker” surfacing on my chin, I’d leave it alone and rely on make-up.

If my high school reunion were 2 days away, I’d pull out my Igia Blemish Remover A.S.A.P., and treat the blemish several times that day, in conjunction with salicylic acid.

If a blemish is treated quickly, as soon as you feel or see it, the chances are increased that it will simply dissipate rather than actually erupting to the surface.

I’ve had my Blemish Remover for over a year, and once I learned to use it promptly, I have not had any of the blemishes that hang on for a week or two. The worst lasted about 3 days before it was tamed.

A couple of months ago, I started Retin A treatment again. Since the initial phase of Retin A causes increased breakouts, I found my Blemish Remover particularly handy.

If I Could Change Something About the Product….

….I would have them include an AC adaptor, or the capability to support one. I don’t like wondering if my 9V battery is fully charged, or if I should replace it.

If the battery is too low, of course, it won’t light up and I won’t feel the “tingle”. Often, when I’ve replaced the battery, however, I’ve felt a “stronger tingle”, and wished I’d replaced it more quickly.


I couldn’t find the warranty on the site, and I’ve lost the one that came with my Blemish Remover.

I will say, however, that I have been extremely dissatisfied with a number of other Igia products, and have been more than happy with the way Igia handled the situation.

Typically, they did not even require I return the product, though I wouldn’t count on that. They certainly could impose that requirement if they chose.

Who would you recommend purchase this product?

I would like to emphasize this is not for someone who has severe acne over large areas of the face, that should be treated by a dermatologist.

It is for those who have occasional blemishes and blackheads, who’d like a non-invasive method to speed healing time.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 89.00
Noise Level: Almost noiseless

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