Motorola Talkabout T900 2-Way Pager (Black)

Motorola Talkabout T900 2-Way Pager (Black)

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Good Pager for budget - Both Work and Play

Dec 4, 2002
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Pros:Small, easy to use, quick, email, pager, alarms, keypad

Cons:limited screen, screen not the best to see in the dark

The Bottom Line: For a budgeted pager that requires more than simple paging, this provides email and 2-way paging with enough options to be impressive

I use my Talkabout pager for my position in IT as a DBA. I like it a lot because it is all I really need. My company couldn't afford to buy me a Blackberry at this point so I had them get me this one since I had used it in a previous job. It does the job and is fast. It is more than just a basic pager but not as fancy as some of the newer pagers out there but is still pretty nice.

Lets get to the point:


1) Nice keypad although it takes a while to type if you are in a hurry, not recommended doing in a car when driving

2) Nice alerts (nice and loud especially at 2am...ahh) bring in your emails and also news on national events if you are into receiving those sort of alerts

3) Can do email and a page

4) Can hold addresses, a signature for your emails or pages, phone numbers, and more

6) Ability to put in sleep mode so you aren't alerted with alarms during a certain period of time

7) Nice screen for daytime with natural light, and does not need a backlight

8) Compact, still the size of a pager, and not too heavy and bulky

9) Durable, if you drop it, it is sturdy

5) Several of options and preferences to tweak items such as alerts, alarms, mail options, news options, signature, trasmitter, and font size


1) Screen hard to see if impossible to read in dark

2) Limited, no calendar, just basics - email, page, address book, news

3) Menus not exactly the most logical and take too long to navigate if you are changing preference settings

4) Not graphic intensive

5) Eats up batteries pretty fast, replace them every 2 months or every month depending on how many emails and pages you receive and send

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): $150

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