Panasonic Progressions Pore Cleanser

Panasonic Progressions Pore Cleanser

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Vacuum My Face?! Oh, My!!!

Dec 6, 2002 (Updated Dec 6, 2002)
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Pros:Extremely effective pore cleanser. Can minimize blemishes and improve skin tone and texture.

Cons:Must be handled carefully, per instructions. Fairly expensive.

The Bottom Line: Terrific addition to skin care regime that provides the deepest, most thorough facial cleaning Ive ever experienced.

It’s true. I vacuum my face. Now you know my dirty little secret.

Perhaps it would be more chic to say I cleanse my pores.

I used to have professional facials once every 3 months or so, to the tune of $50 - $100 a pop. For a couple of weeks, my pores were more refined, my skin smoother, and the quarterly frequency kept most blemishes at bay.

However, in addition to the expense,, there are usually other things I have to do besides waltz off for a facial before tea-time.

Oh, sure..., I’ve used all types of facials that come out of a tube, jar, or bottle. I’ve caked my face with green gunk, mud, and stuff that looks like it belongs blown on a ceiling rather than on someone’s face.

I’ve had fun chasing my kids out of my bathroom, roaring like a monster, as they giggle in mock horror at the sight of “Green Mom”...whose hair is also in a toweled turban.

I’ve used clay masques, papaya, alpha/beta hydroxy peels, retinol, and pore cleansing strips. I still do. They all have their special little places in my cabinet.

The Panasonic Pore Cleanser, however, has made its way into my elite line-up of indispensable skin-care products, and eliminated my expensive facial treatments.

At the same time, I do not believe this product is for everyone. I’ll share with you why that’s my belief, and what I’ve found it will; and will not, do.

First, let’s look at how the product is presented by Panasonic.

Additional Product Specs/Details
(i.e. What is this thing, anyway?)

From the Panasonic site:

Pore Cleanser

Tones skin and removes oil and dirt by penetrating deep below the skin's surface.

Deep Penetrating Suction

By penetrating deep below the skin's surface, the pores are rid of excess oil and dirt, and the skin is smoother and cleaner.

Soothing Mist

Cuts down on the appearance of large pores and helps to block dirt from entering the skin.
(Available on EH2501S.)

Reversible Suction Cup

Two suction cups in one. Start with the nose cup to clean the crevices around your nose and then turn the cup over to clean the forehead and cheeks.

Fully Immersible in Water

Enjoy the convenience and ease of facial care in or out of the shower. Rinses clean quickly and safely under water.

Blackhead and Whitehead Cleanser

Clinical tests showed a significant improvement in skin firmness and a considerable reduction in blackheads and whiteheads occurred after using the Pore Cleanser.

Participants in a 4 week independent clinical study achieved the following results:
33.3% improvement in Skin Firmness

At, I found the following description, though I eliminated some of the duplicate information.

Essential Face Care Tool.

• Soothing mist helps reduce the appearance of large pores.
• Deep penetrating suction cleans pores below the surface.
• Cleanses away blackheads and whiteheads.
• Clinically effective for skin toning.
• Rechargeable and fully immersible.

Clinical Tests Show:

Cleanses away blackheads, whiteheads! Improves skin tone and pore appearance!

How Blackheads are Created

Blackheads are created when oil from the skin solidifies inside the pores. Ultimately this hardens and plugs the pore. As the plug oxidizes, it takes on a black appearance.

The Pore Cleanser Cleanses Away Blackheads

The Progressions Pore Cleanser uses deep penetrating suction to remove the excess oil in the pores before they become blackheads, leaving the skin clean and clear.

Clinical Tests show that the Pore Cleanser really works!

Participants in a 4-week Clinical Study achieved the following results:

• 87.1% reduction of Whiteheads.
• 79.7% reduction of Blackheads.
• 87.5 of participants rate mist feature effective for closing pores.


• Cleans deep below the surface for clear beautiful skin.
• Fully immersible use in the shower and then rinse clean.
• Removes excess oil and dirt with deep penetrating suction.
• Mist Button and Suction Increase Button.
• Induction charger for easy charging.

30-Day Quality Satisfaction Guarantee. Abuse or misapplication of this product voids this guarantee.
One Year Limited Warranty.

Use 2-3 times a week for best results.

I’ve copied the full warning below, because I promise; they mean it! LOL

If this product is left in one area too long, temporary bruising can occur. On the other hand, were that not the case, it wouldn’t be as effective.


Before operating this product please read the enclosed operating instructions completely.

It is important to exercise care when using this product in order to achieve satisfactory results and to reduce risk of temporary skin discoloration. If you are concerned about how your skin might react, we suggest that you test the product on a part of your body that is not normally exposed. It is recommended that you first start the application for no longer than two seconds one each area of your skin, then gradually increase the time to no longer than one minute as you gain experience.
Do not use the Pore Cleanser on pimples, blemishes, sunburned or broken skin or on skin inflammations. Please refer to the instruction manual for correct usage techniques on different parts of the face.

I find it most effective for thoroughly cleansing enlarged pores. The T-Zone area of my face, particularly around my nose and inner cheeks, are especially large.

It is here that this product performs magnificently.

On the rest of my face, where the pores are not so enlarged, the effects are not as apparent.

Thus, had I purchased the product and had no problems with enlarged pores, I might have been disappointed. For my particular skin-type, it is truly remarkable.

Also, my skin is not overly sensitive. For those with sensitive or delicate skin, or easily broken capillaries or rosacea, I would not recommend this product. I think the suction could be too great, even if handled with care.

The Pore Cleanser did not eliminate the need for some type of pore refining product for me. I still use Principal Secret Intensive Serum, but many follow-up pore-refining products will do nicely.

However, following the use of the Pore Cleanser, pore refining products are infinitely more effective.

Also, never has my skin felt so clean! it has been a real luxury to have that feeling anytime I wish.

I use mine in the shower, as the steam opens the pores, and it takes little time. Sometimes I use it daily, other times less frequently. It just depends on how my skin is currently behaving.

I’ve had mine for over a year, and it’s held up to heavy usage. The charge remains strong, and never has it run down while in use.

I would recommend this product for people with enlarged pores, and occasional facial blemishes or oiliness.

I do not recommend it for people with very delicate, sensitive skin, rosacea or easily broken blood vessels, or those with small, refined pores.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 59
Noise Level: Almost noiseless

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