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AVON is a great opportunity to earn a career level income, or extra money.
by lipsticklady76
You said yourself that you like to shop... so, it's not that you were not earning a profit, you just chose to spend your profit on buying for yourself. That is your choice to make... but you are not being fair in your evaluation. Just because you made the choice to spend your profit instead of keep it as earnings does not mean that Avon isn't profitable. I do very well with AVON, and I personally know MANY, MANY representatives who earn a full time CAREER LEVEL income as an Avon Representative. In fact, my sponsor is an AVON millionaire featured in the Rich and Famous of AVON DVD. She is just one example.... myself, and MANy other woman that I know do incredibly well with it. People with small thinking, are the ones who don't do well with something then they turn around and blame something else for their lack of success (in this case... blame Avon because you needed to make money, but chose to spend your earnings on yourself instead). Hopefully, people who are thinking of becoming an AVON representative will listen to the comments of people who are working it, rather than the ones who don't and can't take personal accountability so blame the opportunity. Any person, from any walk of life can be successful with Avon as long as they have the desire to be successful and they actually work it like a business. Their is NO limit to what you can earn if you treat it like a business. If you treat it like a hobby, then it will pay you like a hobby and perhaps your earnings will cover your shopping habit. It's all in your goals, and in what you choose to make of it.
Oct 2, 2012
10:42 am PDT

Avon is a great way to earn extra money
by trotta123
Avon products are highly valued and customers are everywhere. Brochures are free. Website is free.
Check out my website to see the website you will receive as an Avon Rep. There is plenty of training online and at local training sessions. You will also make many friends with other reps and customers. It's great fun snd hyou will make money too.
Jul 5, 2012
7:41 am PDT

I earn and have always earned a profit with my Avon business!
by judecreek2
I have over 75 Avon representatives on my team and I mentor them so they do receive a profit each campaign. You don't need to stock up with inventory, all products are guaranteed! (Did you know there are reps who earn a six figure income a year?) With over 2,000 high quality, affordable products that you can sell either face to face or online, there is no reason any rep can't be a very successful representative
To join my award winning team:
Reference Code: ESTANTON
Jun 7, 2012
11:14 am PDT

by lala28
how do i get out of selling avon they got me and i really dont wanna sell it at all
Mar 14, 2012
12:14 pm PDT

Avon's Boutique brand "mark." is where they've gone right!
by markgirlcellie
I'm really sorry to read about all of these Avon horror stories!

If you all love the brand, you should switch to mark for a less stressful direct selling situation. Mark Cosmetics is Avon's boutique brand. Many refer to it as the "little sister company", but my clients range in age from 16-65. Don't let the models in the magalogs fool you! Most of these products are for everybody (How can you really put an age on a tube of lipstick?)

I feel like an advertisement, but I've been repping for them for a year now and just love it! There are no due dates to turn in orders, you don't have to make a certain amount to receive a certain level of commission. (It's a flat rate that is always guaranteed) and you receive a 30-35% discount on the products.

You get a free online shop. Yes there are samples for purchase, but with nearly order you place with mark, they'll send you a full complimentary pack of some of the current samples.

PLUS the country isn't saturated with mark reps competing. Right now there isn't a recruitment tier in place (except the 50 total mark mentors in the country do a little recruiting, but that's it), so the dream trips really ARE reachable to any rep who works hard (I won a mark contest to NYC in October).

Anyway, if you decide to make the switch, your Avon number will need to be cleared first. What you'll need to shoot a mentor an email and she'll be able to easily contact the appropriate people to do so.
Jan 25, 2011
6:02 pm PST

A bit too much negativity
by the-manxman
There is a bit more negativity in this article than I am comfortable with. I am an avon representative now going on five years and I must say that as long as you are disiplined and have self control so as not to spend your profit on yourself all the can do well. Also, you have to be willing to work!

You cannot just sign up and wait in your lazy boy recliner for customers to fall in your lap...its just not gonna happen. Anything worth what it promises takes hard work, but after you strive for excellence, you will be rewarded with a FINE compensation package and a company that has been around for over 125 years and counting. I encourage you to look at my training suggestions at the end of this blog.

If you are interested in taking back control of your time form the man and work for yourself, also see below. THANKS for a well written article, even if I dont agree with most you say. TO SELL AVON PERSONAL WEBSITE TO LEARN

Jan 6, 2011
8:12 am PST

Re: Avon will always be richer than their reps!!!!!
by phyll34
just take pictures of the products in each campaign with a digital camera and upload on to twitter using twitpic with the item number and price and if you have an online store the web address. just don't tell avon or the district manager and the person you signed up underyou are doing it besides after two days after you tweet the item number and price the tweet diappears. That's what im doing just keep them in the dark about you using twitter and facebook.
Aug 8, 2010
6:52 pm PDT

Selling avon
by phyll34
To really promote it just take pictures with a digital camera of the items in each campaign brochure and upload it on 2 twitter using twitpic with the item number and price of the item and if you have an online store that websites address . The old school way of promoting avon can only work but so much. it is best to put the brochures in places where people sit down like dr's offices and laundromats and bus stops
Aug 8, 2010
6:42 pm PDT

Re: Re: Avon Newbie
by sillysymon
I should have done that.
Dec 23, 2009
9:23 am PST

Me too!
by sillysymon
I had similar problems and quit, but still buy Avon at times.
Dec 23, 2009
9:22 am PST

Re: Re: Avon Newbie
by jayswine
I did the same thing, the bank part not the purse part! It helped me see my earning for a certain and I avoid spending it and not having money to pay my Avon bill.
Dec 22, 2009
12:45 pm PST

Selling Avon has pros and cons
by jayswine
Good review. Many Reps fall into that trap, but as a GUY I don't! Even my wife doesn't get too much. I sell Avon and sign up new Reps to make money, that's it. I buy very little beyond more books as I find most people know what they want. I'm Glad to help anyone get started.
Dec 21, 2009
9:40 am PST

Re: Avon Newbie
by mfnu007
Keep your Avon money seperate. Use a different purse/wallet/envelop and checking account. I didn't think I was making any either until I did this.
May 11, 2009
4:40 pm PDT

Avon will always be richer than their reps!!!!!
by kmm4465
I have been an AVON rep at least 4 times on and off because I can't make any money selling it. I pass out the books, but there are too many reps selling, and not enough people buying, unless they know you. And even they don't want to buy it. Avon wants you to recruit more reps to make more money, but how does that help you sell and get more customers? And then, they don't even want you to advertise that you ARE selling AVON over the internet because using their name is somewhat against their policy!!! WHAT the bleep bleep bleep?!!!! That's just plain stupid. How do you make money selling if you can't advertise it? HELLO!!!
Nov 29, 2008
12:39 pm PST

Avon is richer than their reps!!!!!
by kmm4465
I am an AVON rep and I've done it about four times, quitting after a few months each time because I'm not making any money. I've done what I can to sell it, but AVON is getting most of the money, even if you are selling alot. The most you can make is 50 percent but you're putting alot into it. I think it's all a scam. I like their products and buy for myself, but I only have a few customers. I don't have money to put into this and I hate being taken for granted. There are too many people getting into it and Avon wants you to recruit more reps. When do you sell when you are recruiting others? That doesn't make you any money!!!!
Nov 29, 2008
12:20 pm PST

Re: How naive are people about getting into direct sales?
by anyone4avon
I'm not sure it's a matter of being naive but more like being in unfamiliar territory. The buildings of the new city look familiar but they're positioned differently so you have to rely on a road map. Now, if you stop in a store that doesn't carry road maps, then you're own your own. Of course, there's so many resources online now for answering any question you might have, that it doesn't pay to stay in AVON and not be a part of the online community that supports your efforts. There are a few YAHOO groups that are awesome at getting you where you need to be. There's nothing like one-on-one face-to-face training, too, which is why the sales meetings and unit get-togethers are so important. The rep has to reach out and do their part, too, but, really, no question should ever go unanswered.
Jul 31, 2008
3:21 pm PDT

How naive are people about getting into direct sales?
by hattiemae32
I can't believe that the district manager didn't cover that you need to invest in your business. I also can't believe how many didn't know that they have to purchase samples, supplies, etc. That's just common in any business. Mary Kay or otherwise requires you make some sort of investment. Avon starts you out with a very affordable kit, and if you're not spending all your profits on yourself or your family, you need to start investing it in samples, brochures, and the like. Eventually you'll be making money.... but it's not right away. It's never right away with any business. Like's what you put into it....that will bring you success and hopefully profits. I use to be a DSM for Avon Products, Inc. and I'm now a Independent Sales Representative. I never set up false hope in any rep I recruited. I just told them that there is opportunity out there....and there is. I also warned that if you're your own best customer...then it might not be the right thing for you. Pace yourself....if you have the finances and want to stock up on things....great....but know....that you won't see a profit for some time. Fund raisers are a great way to get started....and will get you a great start towards sales profits..because you can often get repeat customers from those things. I just had to sound off on this....because Avon can be profitable.....but as I's all in what you do with it.
Jul 15, 2008
9:32 pm PDT

Avon Newbie
by ruthieaphisig
I finally made a decision to start selling Avon.
It does take alot of time organizing, selling, driving, ordering and delivery. I can't figure out if I am making any money. As soon as I think I might me. I get a return, bounced check or my custome gets layed off. Does anyone have any suggestions or worksheet that you have used to figure out if you are making money.
I would appreciate it so much.
May 8, 2008
12:51 pm PDT

Re: Quit
by daileylife
I am truely sorry to hear this. Yes it does take time and effort. I have two disabled children. Some weeks are worse than others. Those weeks Avon is on the back burner. Don't official quite though. If you pay your account and just not order anymore they will remove you for inactivity later on. By going this route you can always try again later if you choose too. But if you call and have them remove you. Then there would be a waiting period. Or you could always remain active and make your own personal purchuses. I hope that you do find what you are looking for and I wish you well..
Feb 19, 2008
3:27 am PST

by ethinker
I decided to leave Avon. I have spent so much time working the business while neglecting other things. To be successful, you must put in a lot of time, and I just can't do that at the expense of everything else.
Feb 18, 2008
5:57 pm PST

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by daileylife
You know, that is really not bad. Three months in and you already have a recruit. Might I may a suggestion. Call your district sales manager. Tell her or him that you want to go into leadership, and that if you lose the recruits you currently have then you are going to quite.You managers get nothing off sales of the Reps. They are paid salary. But they do have recruitment numbers that they have to get per campaign. It is hard for a sales manager, I think to get reps, into leadership. I know that they would Jump at the chance to help someone who WANTS to do it They can actual take you out and show you ways to do it although anyone that they may get does not go in your downline, it will help to see them in action. We have a great manager. She has helped me alot. Talked to yours.
Feb 17, 2008
8:11 am PST

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by ethinker
Yes, I have one recruit. I've been an Avon rep for three months. I just got the recruit two weeks ago. She found my business card at a restaurant. I have left business cards at every restaurant I've been to. I have 5 1/2 months to get 4 more recruits. I have approached my customers about selling, and none are interested. I have asked all my customers (over 30) if they know of anyone who might be interested in becoming an Avon rep. No one knows anyone. I'm doing everything possible to get new recruits. If I do not have them in the allotted time, I will quit Avon. I will not start over again.
Feb 16, 2008
8:57 pm PST

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by daileylife
You have one recruit? How many campaigns has it been. Have you considered running an ad in one of the local papers? Have you approached any customers that you have that might be interested in giving it a shot? They get a great discount on their own personal orders. I always tell my customers to give it a four campaign trial. IF they find that Avon is not for them, then the can simply pay off their account and their done. No questions, no hassles. Most simply just buy their own products. Cause after four campaigns they are kind of not willing to give up the 20% off their personal purchases. I have had a few that never sold and never tried to sell. They just like the discount. Those qualify you also. Just think of it this way. I approach a customer who buys often. I ask them if they like buying out of Cataloges and shopping online. Do they find it easier than in the stores. These days alot of people do that. As a rep, they can do mail in orders which is what some do anyway. They can shop online, which some do anyway. The only difference is if they place before the order due date, they can get Free shipping. The other plus is no other online shopping or Cataloge shopping offers. (1) 20%-50% off purchases. (2) You get your order and they give you two weeks before you have to pay. (3)100% money back guarentee on any purchase made, no hassles, no questions. That one is a plus. Most are unwilling to experiment with makeup and perfume, because it is costly and if you don't like it you are out of money. But Avon guarentees all their products including lipstick. These are pointers that you can Mentions to Customers, friends, relatives. You can also off a discount on customer orders for referrals of Recruits. (if they sign up) knock 10% off your customers order.
Feb 15, 2008
3:52 am PST

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by ethinker
It's not the Fast Start I'm concerned about. It's getting all 5 recruits within the 13 campaign period required to keep whatever number of recruits you get. I have spent countless hours, money, and gas trying to get recruits by handing out flyers, business cards, and talking to people. I still have just one recruit. I do have labels on my brochures and always dress professionally. Yes, I have an online store (eRep site). My sales are going OK, but even with $300-400 in sales each campaign, I'm not making any money when I subtract all my expenses. If I cannot get the 5 recruits within the 13 campaigns required, I will not start over again once Avon takes the recruits away from me. I will give Avon new representatives without any benefit to me only one time. Then I'm done.
Feb 14, 2008
7:57 pm PST

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by daileylife
Honestly, I did not TRY to earn the fast start. I just concentrated on my sales and if I came across someone that wanted to sell, then I would look at recruiting. I just continue to sell, sell. Do you have an online store.
I have gotten quiet a few contacts through my store and had to list them as a referral because I was unable to meet with them because they were out of state. Sometimes it is better when someone approaches "you".
But I still do look at recruiting. So I made me some shirts. I wear them out when I am planning on being at the mall and such. It is like a wearable,comfortable business card. I done the shirt transfer right on my computer. I do not stress myself over this. I just do it! IF it goes well all the better. If I have times were it don't, oh well. I want to have fun with this and I truely enjoy doing it. I tell my downline all the time to enjoy it. Customers pick up on that. I encourage them to add a touch of professional to their Avon. Take some of your earning and buy a stamp that has your name and info on it. Use that to label your brochures. I done a test faze with that. I bought 60 brochures. I stamped all of them but 1. That one the info was hand wrote. The exact same info as what the stamp said. I put the handwritten one on the table with one that was stamped. I gave out 59 brochures just by doing this. Two at a time on that table. NO ONE picked the hand written one. They would pick up the identical brochures, with the identical info on them and no one took the handwritten one. I feel that the customers LOOK at professional look. Avon is easy to sign up to do. Avon offers credit. Customers have given money in the past and the rep never gives them their product. Some reps simply don't stay in Avon. Some people simply want someone that is there for the long haul. They see the effort and professional touch you put to it. One said that she seen my effort and stated that she felt that I was the right Rep for her because I did that and she did not think I would go as far as business cards, professional touches if I was planning on taking their money and runnning or quieting just the time she got comfortable with me. SOmetimes it could eb simply things that make big impressions.I also encourage ALL my downline to open Business checking accounts so that they can track things more efficiantly. The ones that maintain a separate account for Avon alone, show better sales. And are more likely to Pay for their orders and stay on track. When I had decided to Sell Avon, I went an opened an account, before I even signed up to sell. I already made me some business cards, referral cards, and $5 off cards. I was ready before my name was signed on that contract.
Feb 7, 2008
3:38 am PST

Re: Re: Re: Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by ethinker
I've tried to convince my best customers that they could save a lot of money if they became reps, but they all have excuses, and nothing I say changes their mind. The potential recruit my DM "worked on" at the restaurant and gave my contact info to told me yesterday that she doesn't want to start right now...maybe this summer. My DM gave me a lot of recruiting flyers, and I've been handing those out like crazy. Nothing. I'm afraid that if I work hard over the next several months to get recruits and mentor the ones I have and then lose them all because I didn't get the 5 in the time period Avon requires, I will probably quit rather than trying to start all over again. It takes too much time, money, and energy to have Avon take it all away for some arbitrary reason.
Feb 6, 2008
11:10 am PST

Re: Re: Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by daileylife
It is a shame that I am unable to upload different things like flyers and such to this post. I could give you SO many different ideas that you could try for getting new recruits. I am trying to average 1 recruit per week. You cannot believe all the different approaches I have used. Some may not help you others may. Or they may give you an idea of your own. One thing I did was I had a new customer recently. Her order was $50 . I try to get to know my customers so that our relationship is more personal and friendly. I found that she was going through a divorce with a small child. She was in between jobs. When I emailed her total to her, I followed with the Idea of her selling Avon. I told her that as a Rep, every single item she had purchased would have cost her 50% less than what she was paying me. {She had core Avon products} We emailed back and forth that day and she signed on the following day. Thinking that she would only order her own stuff and not sell...I was surprised when she said that her mom sold before and that she had been a helper for her friend. Before I knew it she had orders stacking up. Not all work out so well, but I do know one thing. Alot of people are shy about Avon afraid of being "stuck" with orders. Very few realise that you can return the product and not pay for it. There are alot of ways to get interest. But like with anything, you have to be able to judge someone after talking with them a see which route you need to take.

Feb 5, 2008
5:18 pm PST

Re: Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by ethinker
Everything you said sounds accurate to me and is what I've been told. I'm not averaging $390 a campaign but do have a high enough average to qualify for Unit Leader IF everything else falls into place. Campaign 1 killed me (I actually have a loss in that campaign because of low sales and returns). I, too, do better "seeing" my goals and will definitely plaster them somewhere where I can look at them at least once or twice a day. I have a tall order to fill to try to make it to unit leader. I'm just afraid of getting some recruits, spending a lot of time helping them, and then losing them because I didn't qualify in all areas nor got the 5 needed. For the "fast start" bonus, I have to have 5 by campaign 7 (we're in campaign 4 now). I watched my district sales manager in action last night and was amazed at how naturally and easily recruiting is for her. She may have helped me get another recruit. I know building an Avon business takes time. If it's fun, the hard work won't seem so hard.
Feb 5, 2008
3:18 pm PST

Re: Deleted Previous Messages
by daileylife
As far as the recruitment period that they give you. I believe that it is 13 campaigns which is an estimated 6 months. I have recruited alot of people since April, some work some don't. Avon I think gives you that timeframe of "keeping" 5 successful recruits for their benefit and yours. By successful, I mean that they have placed an order of $50 or more and paid for it. Depending on your location, some of the numbers might be slightly different. But they also help you by running an incentative of where they new Rep placing $50 orders each campaign keeps them in a 50% earning for four campaigns. The 50% earning potential helps the new rep make more money than they would typically, so that they can uild their business with what they earn. You will get recruits that never place their first order, which will cause them not to count. Or you could get recruits that place under a $50 order which will cause them not to qualify as successfell and prevent you from achieving a Fast Start achievement. Then you will get the one who places a large order and never pays for it. None of the Rich and Famous pulled it off in a year. IT took work and Commitment and it paid off. The way I look at it. You sign up 5 Reps and 1 works out. So you get you 5 successful recruits you might have to go as far as to 25 people to get those 5. Maybe less than that. With me I got my mine but I can after almost a year tell you which one of those successfuls are in for the long haul. I have 14 Reps currently and can tell you that 10 are considered successful. Three of which are the long haulers. Out of the remaining 7 I would say that 2 might or might not be, they are too new to tell, but the rest are high risk. So I look at it like this. I have 3 that I know are pretty much there, so that means I have to continue to find new Reps. Even though I am Unit Leader and earn my check. If the other 10 does not work out, that will leave me only three with no check. Just curious, are you an US Rep. If you are then you need $10,100 to become Presidents Club. That means that you should set a goal for yourself. A visual goal. If you set a goal of $390 per campaign starting in Campaign 8 you can achieve Presidents Club by the end of the campaign year. I have a goal tracking chart that I created for my downline this year. If you want I can send it to you. I found that verbal goals are not achieved as quick as visual. So what I do it I put my chart up on my wall, where I see it every single day. So if my sales are below my goal amount, I go that extra distance. Calling customers that have not ordered that campaign just to ensure that they have not forgotten that order was due. I find alot of customers simply forget and they have orders. You would be surprised at how many orders are waiting for you because they forget your due date.
I am glad that things are picking up for you. Good Luck,.
Feb 5, 2008
4:07 am PST

Deleted Previous Messages
by ethinker
I deleted my previous messages because I believe I made them too soon after starting my Avon business. I also re-read the original message that started this discussion and found several problems with the posters method of doing business. The person complained about not making money with Avon, yet she admitted to buying nearly every sample available (which is unnecessary and expensive) and to buying a lot of products for herself. You should use Avon products if you are going to sell them, but you don't have to buy a lot at one time.

I have been selling Avon for about 3 months. I've seen my customer base grow and my orders grow as well. But I'm still not making very much money. I'm also in the process of recruiting my first representative to join my team. I don't know if my business will become successful. I don't know if I will burn out before I get there (Starting your Avon business does require a lot of time.). But I am going to try. I'm not happy, however, that Avon reps have only a certain period of time (13 campaigns) to recruit a total of 5 representatives or else they lose all that they have recruited and must start over. I think that is unfair to reps who work hard to recruit any number of Avon reps FOR AVON. Yet Avon won't lose out: they will have 1-4 new Avon representatives selling their products, and Avon won't have to pay a commission to the rep who recruited the new reps.

I do believe it's important that successful reps share what has worked for them but at the same time not adamently claim that what works for them will work for everyone. For example, some reps have success simply tossing brochures (hanging brochures on doors or tossing in driveways). Others, like me, do not. I have tossed hundreds of brochures and have never received one order. Another rep has tossed and received a lot of orders AND 18 recruits in one year. You have to experiment and find what works where you live.

Statistics do show that the majority of people in direct sales do not make much, if any, of a profit. But many also quit before they have time to get there.
Feb 4, 2008
12:51 pm PST
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