Avon-not the best money maker out there.

Feb 7, 2001

The Bottom Line Avon is a great business with some great products however it is really difficult to make a whole lot of money selling it.

I just recently stopped selling Avon after three years. I decided to sell it in the first place for two reasons. One, I wanted some extra money since I was a stay at home mom and two, I wanted to be able to buy the products I liked at a discount. I am sad to say it took three years of selling before I actually realized I was not making any money.

I was excited at first at the prospect of becoming an "Avon Lady". You all remember them, ringing your mother's doorbell with a whole bunch of tiny samples of lipstick. Ding Dong-Avon calling. Well, call me a ding dong for having stuck it through so long.

First of all, let me start by saying that there is nothing wrong with Avon products. I still use several of them and have been very happy. The problem with becoming an Avon Representative is you have to buy all the supplies you need for running a successful "business". This includes the brochures, bags to bag your orders, samples of perfume, lipsticks, lotions, etc, and many of the training materials. Hardly anything, with the exception of order books, are supplied free of charge. Being the type to jump in both feet first, I immediately ordered almost every sample they had. There went any money I made from sales.
Each campaign (each brochure) I had to order something, such as bags, to get my little business going so I wasn't really making any money at all. Any money I did make, went right back into Avon.

One terrific thing about Avon Representatives is the Demo Book. This is a catalog you receive each campaign (free!) that lets you order products before they come out in the brochures. You can save a lot of money this way buying products at a discount for yourself or buying them to resell to customers. However, I usually just bought for myself since the deals were too hard to pass up.

All in all, Avon was costing me money! Now I do realize that I like to shop and therefore, that is why I probably didn't make a profit. But then again, in the area in which I live, Avon Rep's are a dime a dozen. Almost everyone I know has a person they buy their Avon from.

To be really successful at selling Avon, you MUST sell a WHOLE lot of products out of each and every brochure. You must also curb your spending habits as well. Don't go hog wild and buy all the samples at once. Buy a few and then wait and see what your customers want and then order accordingly. I found that most women wanted the lipstick samples (you have to admit, they are too cute to pass up) and fragrance samples. And you must really try your hardest to pass out as many of the brochures (remember you have to pay for these) as you can.

I wish anyone who decides to sell Avon the best of luck. Give it about 6 months to see if it works for you. You can call 1-800-for-Avon or go to www.avon.com for more information. Good luck!

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