Biore pore perfect strips are worth the money

Feb 8, 2001

The Bottom Line Biore Pore Perfect Strips are worth the price. Don't settle for any other brand.

How it all started
From the minute I heard about pore strips, I was intrigued. I had seen a segment on E News about 3 years ago and I rushed out to the mall to buy them. According to E News, celebrities (female and male) had been using these strips for years to achieve smooth noses. I never thought of my nose as being rough, but still, I wanted to try them.

Buying the strips
Three years ago, the only brand of pore strips that I saw was Biore. I hadn't even heard of the Biore skin line, but I assumed it was pretty good since the items were a bit pricey. The Biore pore strips, fully named pore perfect deep cleansing strips, came in a box of 6. I found them on sale for $4.49. I quickly bought the box and was anxious to try them out.

Trying the strips
The first thing I did was read the instructions. The last thing I wanted to do was waste the strips or worst, make my nose irritated. The instructions on the box was very easy to understand and to the point. All I needed to do was:

1. Clean and generously wet my nose.
2. Peel the strip off the backing
3. Smooth the strip onto my nose, being careful to eliminate air bubbles.
4. Wait 10-15 minutes for strip to dry.
5. When dry, remove strip.

My mistakes
Of course, the first time I used the strips, I made mistakes. First, I didn't nearly wet my nose enough. You really need to drench your nose with water to ensure the strip will stick.

Second, smoothing the strip on was harder than I thought. The strip is shaped to fit your nose, but making it even and flat was difficult. And I was also working against time. From the minute you place the strip on your wet nose, it starts to stick and dry. After I managed all that though, I was pretty proud of myself. Then came the wait.

There was mistake number three. In my anticipation of my new smooth nose, I waited just the minimum 10 minutes for the strip to dry. When I pulled the strip fully off, I could tell that the sides of the strip was still damp. That error made me miss the pores on the side of my nose.

Despite my mistakes, I was happy with my first experience with the Biore strips. When I pulled off the strip, I could see where all the white heads had been pulled off. My nose felt cleaner. It was instant gratification. From that moment, I was addicted. I began using the strips once a week. (Note: Biore warns against using these more than once every three days.)

My advice
Over the past 3 years, I learned some tricks that provide the best results. First, use a lot of water to wet your nose. I use a cotton pad and liberally apply the water. I make sure my nose is really wet.

Second, do the strips only when you have the time to do nothing but wait for it to dry. Once, I put the strip on my nose and did some vacuuming. The perspiration from my exertion made the strip slide off. Also, try to abstain from talking or laughing. Those tiny movements can cause the strip to move and not adhere to the nose. Now, I do the strips at night, while I am relaxing or watching television.

Third, wait a minimum of 15 minutes before pulling off the strip. Depending on how much water you put on your nose, that time could be longer. I wait until my strip is stiff as a board. I find that the more you let the strip dry, the more effective it is.

**On a side note, I have tried the other brands of pore strips. I bought the Ponds strips because they were on sale for $2.99. I was so disappointed with the results. The strip didn't stick well and when I pulled it off my nose, it was clean. No white heads were pulled off. I had the same experience with Clean and Clear.**

Final thoughts
In closing, I recommend Biore pore perfect strips to everyone. (I even managed to get my boyfriend hooked on them!) The Biore strips are the most effective in removing unwanted white heads. Just follow my advice and you will be happy with the results. Biore tends to be a bit more pricey than the other brands, but it is worth it. Biore does a good job and leaves my nose feeling smooth. Hey, if it's good enough for the celebrities, it's good enough for me. Thanks for reading.

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