Socks or Sox? What is the difference?

Feb 8, 2001

The Bottom Line How to Choose Socks? What a serious question to ponder, below you will read a few of my recommendations.

In trying to take a completely serious (snicker) approach to this delemma of picking out just the right socks I thought it best to try and review as many types of sox as I could think of.

Early in life we are donned in a cute little bootie...sometimes pink, sometimes blue but very often yellow so that someone could knit them for us before we were born. We had no choice in the matter. Mom put the bootie on us...that was that.

As I got a little older I started wearing white anklets..on Sundays I would wear my best pair of anklets...they had lace around the top to make them look even prettier. The anklet was generally a white sock...but could come in soft pastel colors too. The biggest thing to consider when trying to determine which anklet is for you is be sure to buy the correct size.

* Fun Fact *
If you open a package of socks..and take one out, make a fist with your hand and try to wrap the sock from the toe to the heel around your fist from just below the thumb and will tell you if your sock is going to be the right size for your foot. Now isn't that amazing?

Okay folks moving right along...anyone remember 'peds'? these were the strangest looking sock...made to wear on your foot, but not look like you are wearing a sock. It would sit below the top of the shoe. Not a lot of choosing to do when deciding on purchasing these. Generally they came in tan...was that supposed to be skin tone? Hmmm, wouldn't fit much of society I wouldn't imagine.

Of course there are white crew socks..with or without that colorful band at the top. Picking out these sox was difficult because you had to get just the right color band on top. I found it made it easy to tell my hubby's from my son's sox until they both refused white socks with colored bands. :(

Of course men can choose argyle sox with those cute little triangles on the sides, or black or brown dress sox matching their pants...decisions, decisions. For that sporty look white sox go great with your shorts...but PLEASE don't wear white sox with black dress pants....ugh, I hate that!

Now I know that nylons are not really considered sox..but we wear them in lieu of socks so I thought I would include them. There is such an array of decisions to make here. Pantyhose used to come in great big Eggs...Leggs they called them..don't see many of those around anymore. You could do wonderful fun things with those big plastic eggs, use them at Easter, save money in them, put candy in them, hide things in them..but I digress. Pantyhose come in every color imaginable..if you can think of it, some company has made the color. They range in size from petite to Super Queen size...they used to try and convince us that 'One size fits all' NOT...When buying pantyhose you really need to know a couple of facts: How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Do you need tummy control? Do you want a nude toe? You've got to be ready when you step up to the counter buy panty is not as easy as it looks.

Lastly, I would like to mention the oft forgotten slipper sock. That warm long sock that has the rubber grippers on the bottom. These sox are made for comfort and to keep your toesies warm...wonderful for lounging around the house in, and they are so sexy too! This time of year you should be able to find them in red with hearts rubber grippers on the bottom...perfect for your Valentine.

Well, I'm drained...never have I spent so little time looking for information for an epinion...or giving so little.

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