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Great Stuff
by dellev56
I live in a house that was built in the 50's.The only problem was that it was built on a filled in creekbed.When it rained the basement was flooded with about 3 in water(apparently when the house was built they did not tar the foundation on the outside to water proof it).I had a lot of bad crumbling ciderblocks which I slowly, painstakingly patched with ugl's Drylock Patch. I then gave it 4 coats just to be safe.It worked!!! Please note I went as far as to use the wall sealer all the way down the wall and across the floor 1 foot from the wall to prevent floor seepage(water was also coming fron hairline cracks in the floor).I also used drylok floor sealer(4 coats).It has been bone dry for 4 years.
I'd like to add that a contractor quoted me a price of $2500 to do it and would only give me a 6 month Warrenty on the work(saying it's going to leak again eventually) I accomplished a miracle so can you:)
Nov 18, 2010
10:09 pm PST

Re: Don't like how people rate reviews...
by mind-full

How 'bout let's not compare one review to another based on humor content.

I reviewed the product to the degree I am able, providing my experience, product information as it pertains to the job, and any other information that helps let the reader know the conditions under which I used this product as well a the end result.

The "Row, Row, Row ..." subtitle focuses more on the fact that this basement funneled in quite a large amount of water prior to use of this product. I might have stated, "This basement was very, very wet." But, I didn't choose to do that and, evidently, you didn't mind that so much, as you mention the review wasn't "like" another that was based solely on humor content.

Therefore, I'm really not sure why you left this comment at all.

Thank you.

Feb 12, 2007
5:53 am PST

Re: Statement about coverage is misleading
by mind-full
UGL company officials did not come by to paint my walls. This was my experience.

Thank you.

Feb 12, 2007
5:49 am PST

Re: WARNING... one gallon should cover 100 square feet!
by mind-full

Perhaps not. Perhaps this, as it should be, is my experience. Two coats, two long walls made of stone, not concrete or concrete block. Perhaps this makes the difference in absorption, and therefore, in the greater spreadability of the product.

As a consumer writing on my experience, that's all I can offer.

Feb 12, 2007
5:47 am PST

Re: Good product but...
by mind-full

It's a simple use of copy/paste for the name of the product, and, at the time, naive idea of how search engines (such as Google) work in digging up matches.

Most of my earlier reviews follow that idea.


Feb 12, 2007
5:43 am PST

Good product but...
by alexjag33
I've used this product myself, and so far no leaking anymore. But...

Amy, your review just doesn't seem like a review from "common folk." Specifically, a regular person buying the stuff might say: "Drylok paint" in their review for each of the 10 times they need to refer to the product while talking about it, but your review has the lengthy: "UGL Drylok White Oil Base Masonry Waterproofing Paint" every single time. Normal reviewers just don't do this.

If you were me, wouldn't you find this peculiar? Like the reviewer is trying to sell the product?

Feb 11, 2007
10:25 am PST

Don't like how people rate reviews...
by critofur
This review is good, but... Seems like most review raters that are "lead" or "advisor" pay more attention to how fun/funny a review is than how meaningful and relevant the content is. "ROW ROW ROW" doesn't help educate me about the product.

Like I said, this review isn't bad, but it reminded me of some other reviews that were. One review I read was totally, completely, useless, but it was rated well because it was funny and the reviewer was popular.
Dec 1, 2006
6:18 am PST

Statement about coverage is misleading
by bpc23
"...took one gallon to cover the 348 square feet with 2 coats..." is inacurate. UGL specifies that 1 gallon should cover 75-100 square feet and two coats are required.
Aug 13, 2003
3:53 am PDT

WARNING... one gallon should cover 100 square feet!
by bpc23
This reviewer's comment, "took one gallon to cover the 348 square feet with 2 coats", seems contrary to the manufacturer's instructions (on latex version) "Coverage rate should be one gallon per 75-100 square feet. Two coats required."

I always wonder about the reviewer's objectivity when they write an overly long review. Perhaps Amy works for UGL?
Aug 12, 2003
10:04 am PDT

Re: !
by mind-full

You'll have to make do, Dede, as this stuff doesn't come in red . . .


Jan 3, 2003
4:48 am PST

by dedemw
It has been doing nothing but raining and snowing here. Tomorrow- I am really gonna paint the town!

Jan 2, 2003
6:37 pm PST

Re: Amy, you're killing me! LOL!
by mind-full

Bev, now you know those Rubbermaid containers are versatile -- you just have to stretch your imagination a bit. Of course, if you're storing bars of gold (or lead) the containers won't float, but I bet they'd make great anchors for your raft.


Dec 30, 2002
5:53 am PST

Re: Wonderful!
by mind-full


Glad you enjoyed it -- hope your husband enjoys success with this if it seems right for the job.

Try the "latex" -- it works great, too . . . just isn't in the database.

Good luck!

Dec 30, 2002
5:50 am PST

Amy, you're killing me! LOL!
by MumMumMum
Another use for Rubbermaid storage containers! LOL! Great review as always!!!

Dec 29, 2002
5:37 pm PST

by lorace
I loved the personal touches on this like the ROW ROW ROW! Great writeup.

What a fantastic product. Glad to know about it. We don't have a basement, but we do have a room built onto our carport and a South wind can drive the rain under it.

I'll let hubby read this!!!! LOL

Dec 29, 2002
2:18 pm PST