Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul for Game Boy Advance

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul for Game Boy Advance

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It's time to duel

Dec 26, 2002 (Updated Feb 5, 2003)
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Pros:a fun addictive card game

Cons:no story, and again no tutorial.


Over the last year I have been watching Yugioh the show that has come after Pokemon. In the show they played a card game called Duel monsters. Now originally when the comic came out in Japan the main character Yugi played all sorts of games, Duel monsters was a game that was supposed to be a game to last an issue or two. But when people called in wanting to do know how to play the game the creator decided to turn the game into an actual card game, and make the game into the story. Now the cards and the games have reached America has of last fall. I have gotten the playstation game Yugioh Forbidden memories and enjoyed it but it wasn’t the real card game. When I heard that the GBA game was going to be the real thing I decided to get my brother a Game boy advance and 2 copy's of the game (after Pokemon I figured it was cheaper.). So what do I think of Yugioh the eternal duelist sole.

I'll start off with the weakest thing in Yugioh the eternal duelist sole. There is no story what so ever, all you do is select characters from the TV show to duel. Each character has a few lines that they say that fits the character from the Yugioh TV show. This does not introduce them though, for example people who have not watch the TV show probably don't know why there is 2 Yugi's, with the smaller one being afraid of the big ticked off one. I wouldn’t mind seeing a story mode of some kind giving a start or end to the game. Also like all the other Yugioh game there is no tutorial mode, this is almost OK in many way's Yugioh is easier to understand then the Pokemon card game almost.

The graphics aren't bad but then this is just a card game. You have some pretty good animated stills of the characters at the beginning of the duels. The cards themselves look they do in real Yugioh cards, this is basically all you can really ask for in the Graphics department.

A couple of decent tunes that won't drive you insane but won't boar you either. Along with some decent sound effects.

Ok so the presentation could use some work, the graphics and sound meet up to what they are, but it's the gameplay that will get you hooked on Yugioh. This game uses a lot of strategy. Every monster and every card technique has a counter technique to it, and chances are that counter technique may have a counter technique to. In other words getting cocky to soon can get you defeated easily if you don't pay attention.

Rules are simple.
3 ways to win.
Get your opponents life points down to zero
Draw 5 pieces of Exodia
and have your opponent run out of cards.

Every turn you can draw a turn, put one monster card down, play has many magic cards has you want, and set has many magic cards has you want (up to 5.).

Monster cards
The main cards in Yugioh you put these down on the table and do battle with them. The one with the highest attack points wins in an attack position, the difference is then deducted off a persons life points. In defensive mode you use the bottom defense numbers to decide, if higher defense points then attack points then the person attacking loose the difference in attack points, if higher attack then defense then the card is destroyed but nobody looses life points. Now unlike the Playstation and TV series you can't just slap down your favorite card and call it good. Every card that has more then 5 stars has to be offered a tribute, more then 7 takes two tributes. This makes it so that a person who has stronger cards can't totally anilate someone with weaker cards. Also some of the stronger cards have to fuse together to be put on the field, for example the Gate Guardian one of the strongest cards there is you have to put 3 other cards (each requiring 2 tributes), use the polymerization card, and tribute another card in order to get it out there. My this time your opponents got a nice trap card out to stop you.

These monsters cards have an effect written on them and can be used in many ways has traps. These can be used to get magic cards back, to destroying other monsters. In other words the man eater bug may have a puny attack and defense score, but it's effect allows it to destroy one monster on the field when it is flipped up.

This let's you change the field, destroy monsters, fuse monsters, and raise or lower monsters attacks.

These are set face down before hand and can be used when an opponent plays a move. These can do a lot of things magic cards can do but you can use them on an opponents turn.

Ritual and fusion cards
These cards can only be put on the field after either sacrificing or summoning specified cards on them.

Getting cards
After you beat a duelist you have a chance to pick one of three booster packs and get 5 cards per booster. Has you progress more booster packs become open to you.

This game has you have probably heard before requires strategy the strongest card does not win. For example my brother and I play it with the game link and he cheated and got two blue eyes. Since I didn’t cheat he thought he could beat me with them and the exodia cards on the deck. Sure the blue eyes at me beat in attack power. However a trap card called trap hole beat the first one that was summon. Later he was able to call the 2nd blue eyes dragon, I used a change of heart magic card, used his blue eyes white dragon has a tribute to summon skull, and to be especially mean used monster reborn to add it to by line up. Has for his exodia cards, the morphing jar stopped his unstoppable exodia.

Cards I recommend in your deck.

Blue eyes white dragon.
Sure he's not has unstoppable has in the cartoon series, but he's probably the strongest card that doesn’t require a fusion. Just two tributes on the field and this bad boys terrorizing your opponent.

Magican of Faith.
Not much in a card has for has power goes, but it's effect can save your butt. When the magician of faith is flipped over (either by setting in defense mode and putting it in attack mode, or having an opponent attack it in defense mode) it lets you draw a magic card from the graveyard.

Trap hole
Destroys any card that has an attack of 1000, puts a stop to some of the strongest monsters being called to the field.

Harpies feather duster.
Destroys every magic and trap card opponents has out in the field.

Mirror force.
This is a one way ticket to turning the tides against your opponent. This come in to play when ever an opponent attacks one of your monster. It stops the attack and then destroys every one of there monsters in attack position. And since most of the time people leave there strong cards in attack position this will basically kill any big monster that is troubling you.

Monster reborn (or reborn the monster on the TV)
Get a monster back that was slain in battle, useful for whenever your strongest monster was killed. But wait how about that monster that was kicking your kiester a couple of turns ago into you pull the lucky magic card that barley manage to defeat it. Maybe it would be nice to let your opponent know how it feels to be on the opposite end of there monsters attack. With this you can has it works with both discard piles, who says having an opponent with the blue eyes white dragon is a bad thing

Morphing jar
When this puppy gets flipped over you discard all your cards and draw a new hand, and so does your opponent. This comes in handy in cases of bad hands, or whenever your opponent may be trying to summon exoidia (and there is a character in the game that knows how to do it) this ones a must.

This is probably the most powerful magic card in the game, it destroys all monsters on the field.

Man eater bug.
When this gets flipped over it can take one of your opponents monsters cards down, regardless of power.

7 tools of the bandit.
Did you just stumble into an opponents trap, is your most powerful card just about to be destroyed by mirror force, are you going to lose a blue eyes to a simple trap hole. Flip this trap card over and for 1000 life points it will stop your opponents trap card.

Change of heart.
Take control of another players monster for one turn, this may seem like a cheap way to get a hit but it's a life saver if you know how to use it. If your having trouble with a summon card that requires a tribute because your opponent is killing all your monster cards then use this card. Take control of that monster and then use his monster has a tribute for your monster, it's a kill two birds with one stone type of deal.

Time Wizard
This card isn’t a strong card to say the least but don’t let it’s small attack full you it’s the effect that can quickly turn the tide in either direction in the game. You flip a coin and if you call it right you destory every one of your opponents monster cards on the field, call it wrong it’s your monsters that get destoyred plus half of there attack points get deducted from your life points ouch. It’s risky but if your already loosing then this isn’t a halfway’s bad gamble, don’t use it if already have 4 other monster cards down all with high attack power, being greedy with this card could cost you a lot of life points.

Bad cards
Ok I’ll just mention two of the worse cards to have in the game.

Skull servent.
Weak card with no effect only play this if you want to have your opponent laugh at you.

Exodia cards.
Sure there a guaranteed win if you have all 5 of them in your hand, if you can get all 5 of them. There to weak to do battle other then that, so in less you tailor your deck to being able to draw all 5 pieces chances are you won’t draw him. To make matters worse cards like morphing jar will stop exoidia in his track. Even if you do draw all 5 cards chances are your opponent will then deck you for being so cheap.

Other stuff the game has.
Like the Playstation game you can enter cards with passwords. However there is no annoying star chip or other lockout feature that you have to contend with. While this may let you cheat with finding passwords on the net, however if all your after is the blue eyes and exoida your still going to get your butt handed to you by a player who knows what there doing.

It also has a calendar, every time you play a game angst a computer opponent a day will pass. On certain days you will receive Yugioh magazine that will give you 5 free cards, or enter tournaments and play matches against random computer players.

Final recommendation
Despite not having a story or a tutorial Yugioh the eternal duelest sole is a whole lot of fun, and since it actually simulates the actual card game cheap people like me don't have to buy the cards.

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