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The Yearly Cost Factor

Jan 6, 2003
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Pros:Quick, Easy to assemble and use, Really cleans, liteweight

Cons:Yearly cost (Upkeep)

The Bottom Line: The WetJet can be an perfect mop replacement.

A bit about the house
I live in a 3 bedroom 1 (more like 1/2) bath, very large living room/dining room, small kitchen, and hallway house. ALL of the flooring is the 1'X 1' sq ceramic and vinyl tiles (not by choice, it's military housing).

I have 2 dogs. There is no dirt really where we live in Florida, more Sand than anything. The dogs manage to bring in all the sand with them and even some of the dirt they manage to find. I am always sweeping and SWIFFERING with the original dry swiffer. That is not enough to clean the floors though, as you may have guessed.


I did what every human being does and bought a MOP, or as I like to call it, Moms Old Punishment. The days of the MOP, bucket, floor cleaner, dirty water, clean water . I hated it. The cost of the Mop was low, only about $5, but you have to factor in the cost of floor cleaner ($3), the replacement MOP heads ($3) and the bucket ($2).

Lets face it, No-one enjoys mopping. It's a hassel, you have to wring out the mop, with any luck the dirty water will actually go into the bucket, but most of the time it lands back on the floor leaving you to mop some more. Since you normally dunk your mop into the same bucket that you just wrung it out in, you are spreading around dirty water. Then there is the HAIR factor, a normal mop fails to pick up hair like I so wish. Then you have to dump the dirty water out somewhere, but where? The kitchen sink? Yukky, the bathtub? There has to be a better way.

My Research
I of course went to Epinions.com to find a solution. I started looking at the electric floor cleaners first, The Hoover FloorMate, the Enviro SteamCleaner, etc...
I found one I really liked, but the cost was going to hurt $179, plus the cost of the floor solution. Not in my budget currently, and storage is always a problem.

Then I saw a commercial for the Swiffer WetJet .
I jumped onto Epinions.com and looked into the WetJet, the Clorox Ready Mop, and the Pledge Grab-it Mop. I couldn't find any review about the Clorox or the Pledge mops and everything I was reading about the Swiffer was sounding really good, so, I decided to buy one.

The Details

It looks like a broom or a stick-vac. It weighs only about 5-10lbs. It is battery operated. The Starter Kit comes with:
The Swiffer WetJet device
With ergonomic handle, battery compartment,and a low profile swivel head.
a package of 6 cleaning pads
The cleaning pads have wings to catch/pick up stray hairs/dirt.
bottle of solution
1L bottle, Safely cleans vinyl, marble, laminate tile and finished wood floors. Dissolves greasy stains, ready to use, no mixing required.
4 AA batteries
Self Explanatory

Assembly was very easy, it took only a few minutes, 5 at most.

Cost and Accessories

The Swiffer WetJet comes in a very large purple box. According to the website (Wetjet.com) there are 2 starter kits available on the market. The Retail Starter Kit (the one I purchased)that retails for $24.99, and a Large Pack Starter Kit that retails for $29.99. The only difference between the two is that the Large Kit comes with 30 cleaning pads instead of 6 and 5L of cleaning solution instead of 1L. According to the WetJet website, the price difference is only $5, so if you can find the Large Kit, it sounds like a better deal.
I purchased my kit at the local military grocery store (The Commissary)and they didn't have the large kit, but I only paid $18. I have seen them available at WalMart, Target, and Kmart all for around $25.

There are 2 seperate cleaning solutions you can buy. The first one is the advanced cleaner for all regular flooring, the second is for hardwood floors. Both come in a 1L bottle and retail for $3.50. It is said that one bottle should last for 7 Large Rooms or 1076 sqare feet.

The Cleaning pads only come in one size that I have found and that is a box of 12 for $5.99. This kind of upsets me seeing as how I purchased the kit and it had ONLY 6 cleaning cloths in it in a sealed box. So you only really get 1/2 of a Real box when you buy the kit, unless you get the Large Kit that comes with 30. Again, I argue, why can I get 30 in the kit but have to buy 2 boxes to get that amount again. Anyways, thats just my take on it. One cleaning pad should last 323sq feet or 2 large rooms.

You can use any kind of batteries you wish and they are supposed to last through 7 cleaning solution cartridges.

How Does It Clean?

After assembling the unit and placing a cleaning pad on the head and inserting the cartridge, you press the solution button. The directions state to hold the button down for 3-4 seconds. This releases a spray, very evenly distributed, but be warned it shoots out. You can't really see the solution unless the light hits it just right. If you need more solution just press the button again. Then you mop just the same old way you used to with a MOP. using back and forth motions, only with the WetJet's swivel head it is easier and more manageable, and you can also go side to side to.

My Swiffering

I like the way it feels to hold the WetJet, very comfortable. It is also very light and comfortable to push the WetJet around. No more bending over to ring out the mop, no more carrying of the big heavy bucket, my Back loves me for getting the Swiffer WetJet.

It cleans very nicely too. Comparable to if not better than the old MOP system. It very nicely picked up the sand and dirt my dogs were bringing in. I always sweep and swiffer(the dry cloths) before using my WetJet, and the WetJet always manages to find more dirt. The cleaning solution leaves a very nice fresh clean smell behind.

The cleaning cloths hold a LOT of the solution and dirt. How much? Well before using the pads theey don't even measure as weighing so much as an ounce on my digital fish scale (don't ask, it's probably better for all of us if you just don't ask). After using a pad it weighed around 10oz. That is a Lot of water to be locked into a little pad. AND THEY DON'T LEAK. When changing the pad, my husband picked it up and looked at saying, "HMMM...Like a wet Diaper." It locked all the dirt inside the pad too. This may sound gross, but it is the best explanation I can give. Ladies, If you can imagine a used Maxi-Pad. It seems like it is the very same odor/wetness locking system used in the Maxi-Pad arena of things. Sorry for the visual folks, but you get the idea.

The floor dries very quickly and without streaking. I would say it only takes about 2-5 minutes to dry completely. I am very impressed with the WetJet.

I personally have to use the entire bottle of cleaning solution to clean all my floors. It takes me only about 4 or 5 cleaning cloths to do my entire house too. So I go through 3 bottles of cleaning solution before I use up my box of cleaning pads. I am extremely uptight when it comes to cleaning, I guess you might call me a perfectionist. That Might account for how much solution I go through. But, because of my pickiness, I Swiffer my floors once if not twice a week. With my old MOP, I was lucky to do it once a month (Cannot Stress it enough, I HATED MOPping). The WetJet is fun for me to use.


Now lets do the upkeep cost and discover why I say it is a con. For my personal cleaning standards, I need to buy a new cleaning cartridge every week and sometimes 2 times a week. I will add up the minimum here:
$3.50 a bottle X 52 weeks = $182 (Wow, I could have bought that Hoover after all).
Now the cloths, I figure about 1 box per month. Again, the minimum:
$5.99 per box X 12 months year = $71.88
Now batteries, remember 1 pack of batteries will last through 7 cartridges (or seven weeks):
$4.99 cheap pack of batteries X 7 replacements = $34.93
So add it up:
$182 (solution) $71.88 (cloths) $34.93(batteries = $288.81
Ouch. Thats per year in my household. a lot more expensive than just a mop and bucket thats for sure.


The Swiffer WetJet is Great. Cleans wonderfully. A perfect alternative to MOPping, but once you add up the yearly cost, it gets scary. I think I will just invest my $288 now and buy a Hoover FloorMate for the major cleanings and use my Swiffer WetJet as a fast floor cleaning alternative.

I do recommend the WetJet for households that have the occasional floor cleaning or not so much floor to clean overall. I think that the WetJet would be absolutely perfect for the carpeted home with just a bathroom and kitchen to mop.

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