Dell Smartstep 250n Notebook Computer

Dell Smartstep 250n Notebook Computer

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good price, moderate buy

Jan 29, 2003
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Pros:came with a lot of extras

Cons:fragile breaks easily

The Bottom Line: this is a good computer for a great price, but don't brea k it because tech support is awful

the computer worked fine out of the box. i had to send it in a month after i bought it because i spilled 1 or 2 drops of soda (honestly) on it and it disabled one of the keys. fortunately it was still under warranty and i was able to get it fixed for free.

one word of advice, though, whatever you do, don't break it. dell service and support is about the absolute worst i have ever dealt with. (gateway has the best support, in my oppinion.) so don't break it ( unless you like talking to people halfway around the world who barely speak english and couldn't care less about you or your computer, because they dont get paid based on the number of people they help) then once you finally send it off, they will ship it back to you about a week after they claim you will have it.
Plus, the support people lie. i caught one of them in a lie!

other than the downright awful service and support, the machine works great and it is a great quality computer for an unbeatable price. i would suggest buyinmg this computer for its specs, and i got a whole bunch of extras with it including free case, free warranty, free corel works suite, and free shipping. it was a deal that they had going on for a while, but i think that now, you will only get free shipping.

however, if you see this computer for sale with alot of extras, i'd say just buy it, and dont even think about it. just be very careful because it is fragile, and dont break it because they mose certainly dont have "award winnning tech support" it was awful

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Amount Paid (US$): 1599
Operating System: Windows
Processor: Other
Processor speed: over 1000
Screen Size: 14 inches
RAM: 256
Internal Storage: CD-RW and DVD
Hard Drive (GB): 31-40

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