Zinsser Pint Bin Primer Sealer

Zinsser Pint Bin Primer Sealer

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Good Primer Sealer, Best Stain Killer

Feb 1, 2003 (Updated Feb 2, 2003)
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Pros:Easy Cover, Makes Stains Disappear

Cons:Sometimes takes two coats.

The Bottom Line: Zinsser Pint Bin Primer Sealer gives you a good solid first cover coat before applying expensive paint.

Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer is always on standby at my house. If you have ever had a water leak in your roof, you know how it looks after the moisture dries. Ugly water stains can make your ceiling look awful. I have had several occasions to use Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer around my home.

This white pigmented shellac can be used as an undercoat for almost any surface. It primes and sticks to hard to paint surfaces. Many ceilings today are popcorn sprayed. The popcorn spray is a combination of a product called Texture 214, which is a powder, and water. When combined it is then sprayed on sheet rock ceilings that have been taped and sanded. The nice thing about sprayed ceilings is that it covers up many errors that may have happened during construction. The bad thing is when it comes time to re-paint your ceiling, texture is very hard to roll even with BIN Primer Sealer. If you have a good contractor doing the initial spraying of your ceiling he will combine water and some latex paint with the powder and give you a ceiling that will not come off. Be sure to ask the painter prior to signing the contract.

I have found that the best way to cover a pre-sprayed ceiling is to purchase a pint of Zinsser Pint Bin Primer Sealer. By using an air sprayer, you avoid actual contact with the grit on the ceiling and you will be able to seal the surface. After the primer dries, you can use a standard ceiling paint and roller to cover the surface.

Please be very careful when using this product. Make sure that you have adequate ventilation and I recommend wearing a painting respirator while doing this job. It is difficult to use during the winter because by opening the windows and doors you will lower than the temperature lowest recommended application temperature of 57 degrees. I use it only during the warmer weather because the fumes will last for over a day even with windows opened while I work. Also make sure you are wearing proper eye protection. Goggles are a must when using a sprayer on your ceiling. Zinsser Pint Bin Primer Sealer dries in about 15minutes and then a second coat can be applied.

Kills Stains
As I said earlier Zinsser Bin Primer Sealer will kill stains from water leaks. Another good use is to cover the stains from tobacco products. If someone in the house has been a smoker for many years the ceiling will actually yellow. If you just apply paint over these stains after a few minutes the yellow will actually bleed through the new white paint. I've seen 3 or 4 coats of latex paint that won't even cover the nicotine. A couple of coats of Zinsser Pint Bin Primer Sealer will cover and seal your ceiling so a fresh coat of white ceiling paint will be fresh and bright white.

Other Uses
Zinsser Bin Primer Sealer covers on painted or unpainted surfaces. It covers smoke stains, grease, crayon, ink, water stains, sap streaks, knots in wood and almost any surface that needs priming. This product is also available in larger 1 quart cans and 13 oz spray cans. The smaller spray cans are ideal for little spots and quick touchups. Even though this product comes in different sizes, I find the pint can suits my needs the best.

This product is very useful. It is quick to apply and easy to cleanup when you are completed. Zinsser Pint Bin Primer Sealer will make your paint job last a lot longer than it would have without any primer and will save the amount of paint you use to cover a surface.

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