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Feb 7, 2003
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Pros:Psychotic Humor, Very Cheap price

Cons:The humor may only really appeal to true fans of Crispin Glover, Hard to find

The Bottom Line: Crispin's Recording debut is hillarious, and should be listened to by all.

Crispin Glover's "The Big Problem..." is a very unique album. It's track's portray Crispin's psychotic, creative side, but it also exibits his true artistic talents. Here is a run down of the whole CD:
Overture-His introduction to his album. It sounds like some sort of orchestra he is composing. Its unique in the fact that not many musicians have an orchestra introduction, but theirs nothing in it that really gives away how wierd his album really is
Selected Reading's From: Rat Catching- This is, by far, one of my favorite tracks on the whole record. Crispin reads portions of his book "Rat Catching". The book was actually written in the late 1800's by an unknown author(unknown to me anyways), but crispin added pictures, and a few words of his own, and released it under his publishing name "Volcanic Eruptions". The book is a step by step guide to catching rats.
New Clean Song- Crispin's first actual song on the album, its about just feeling clean. He finds ways to make himself feel clean by doing things like "getting phone calls", and apologizing about "being obscene" in a phone call. The actual music itself is really creepy. It consists of a guitar, and a keyboard. You will have to listen to it yourself to know exactly what im talking about.
Auto-Manipulator- My favorite track on the album, it is a song about everyone's favorite subject: Masterbation. But, he raps about it, which makes it all the more funny! He basically raps about how he "auto-manipulates" becasue he just cant get women. This song consists of a very cool beat, and very funny lyrics!
Clowny Clown Clown-This song truely portray's Crispin's wierd side. This song is about Crispin's experiences with his clown friend. He unfortuantely meets the clown when he is sick, but then figures out that he actually hated the clown after it died. A very wierd song indeed.
Getting out of bed-Another very strange track. This song is about Crispin's dismay about losing his concubine. He also urges that the races must not make an alliance. How that ties into his lost concubine, i have no idea.
These Boots are Made for Walking-A cover of a famous Nancy Sinatra song. But, he does the cover with an unusual twist, he moans throughout the whole song! His tone of voice is whiny, and it almost sounds like he is suffering! But, this tone of voice adds a whole new dimension to the song, believe it or not,and it makes it hillarious!
Darling Young Man on the Flying Trapeze- a catchy little tune about Crispin's love for trapeze artists. But, he loves them so much, that he manipulates women to take on the trapeze artist's features, and names! Call it a fetish if you will, but the song is absolute genius. If im not mistaken, i believe that the song is a cover.
Never say never to always- Famous quotes from Charles Manson, who Crispin liked alot. Not really much to say about this song except that it sounds like a church hymn, and their is a slight baby's crying in the background.
Selected Reading's from: Oak Mott-The selected reading's actually take up 4 tracks. This book was compeletely written by Crispin himself. It is about a family in he late 1800's who live in the praries. But, the family is quite insane. You can tell by crispin's tone of voice that the atmosphere is hyterical, and psychotic. But, the book is very well written, and is published by Volcanic Eruptions.

The Big Problem
Crispin writes on the back of his album that all these songs are connected by one big problem. He challanges us to guess by giving us a number on the album if we think we know it. I havent been able to figure it out yet, but i have my ideas. If you think you know, please e-mail me your idea.

Overall, Crispin's album is gold. His artistic talents and vision's make for a great listen. I would reccomend this album to everyone, but the song "auto-manupulator" is a little sketchy, and might not be appropriate for younger audiences. But overall, i suggest everyone go get this album. It is hard to find if you go shopping, but its just about everywhere online. It runs around $12-$16, but it matters who you buy it from. Also, crispin's books are great reads, so I suggest getting those too.

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