How To Apply Lipstick: With Straight Pins, Bulghur, and on the Eyes......

Feb 17, 2001 (Updated Jul 12, 2001)

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The Bottom Line Applying lipstick is a widely diverse topic with many viewpoints. In exploring such a topic, we need to examine all possibilities and perspectives, giving each one serious and equal consideration.

This topic is huge. It is so widely encompassing that I am not sure I can include all of the pertinent information in this tiny spot allowed for such a broad and important topic. I will put my best foot forward- clad in blushing rose, preferably matte.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that everyone has different personal views on how to apply lipstick. Each person is an individual and it is imperative that we approach this from an open-minded perspective.

For such an important and interesting topic, let us go to our favorite and most innovative make up artist, my little toddler.

View from a toddler
Here are her ideas on how to use lipstick.

1. Make sure that the cap is on tightly. Open container and smell the lipstick, making sure that nose is adequately covered with color.

2. Put cover back on tube of lipstick and crank the tube until the pliable column of color explodes equally and irretrievably on all walls of the cap.

3. Remove cap and examine the results. If not sufficient, repeat steps 1 and 2.

4. Get mother's pin cushion. Remove all straight pins with pearlized colored balls from pin cushion. See how many pins that you can fit in the remaining container of lipstick. Variety of colors is best but not necessary.

5. Remove pins and run them through your hair, making sure that application is well distributed.

6. Pick up lipstick covered cap and scoop sufficient product from cap to cover the top joint of index finger. Smear product in random patterns all over face.

7. Go into cabinet with child-proof lock. Break into cabinet. Remove bag of bulghur wheat granules. Liberally sprinkle granules over face, making sure that they stick to the pre-applied lipstick. Carefully push numerous granules up each nostril and into each ear. Addition of lip color is optional.

8. Go to Mom's jewelry box and retrieve gold necklace. Put over head making sure to pull tightly. It is very important that the necklace remain appropriately askew to complete the look.

9. Make the rounds to each person you meet and ask them if you look "Ful?" (current colloquialism for beautiful).

Dog's Eye View

1. Sniff counter. Find tube of lipstick. Knock to floor. Using front paw, persist on knocking container around until cap is dislodged from position.

2. Sniff lipstick. Lick and then chew exposed product.

3. Leave container in position and wander through house promptly regurgitating preingested product on lightly colored rug.

4. Proudly walk away noticing improved well-being.

Frustrated Mother's Application

1. Obtain many different colors of lipstick, making sure to have selections from various palettes and seasons. It is important to have a diverse collection, as everyone says that everyone knows that you never use just one tube of lipstick.

2. Get books from the library about make up. Make sure that you read everything you can about this process, as it is very technical, and it is best to have your information properly assimilated BEFORE attempting this highly skilled process.

3. Try each method as illustrated in the books.

A-- Put foundation over face, and include lips. It is important to cover the lips so that you have a good base for lining a shape. Make sure to powder lightly. Draw on lips with a lip pencil - try to get something that is similar but it is OK to go different if necessary. Fill in the lips making sure that you completely cover the lines of the lips you drew.

Go out the door feeling confident that you look cool because you did it by the book. Make sure to stop by the bathroom and look into the florescent lit mirror to discover that you look like a made up woman with a fine red powdery mold spreading around the perimeter of your carefully drawn lips.

B---Opt for the natural look. Smear lots of creams and lip conditioners on lips. Draw on a line with your lip pencil making sure your hand does not shake. If it does, just make lips bigger to cover the mistake.

Fill in lips, trying to stay close to the lines you have drawn. Make sure to use more than one color, because everyone says that everyone knows that you NEVER use just one color at a time on your lips.

Go out feeling confident that you look fantastic, making sure to stop and look into the florescent lit mirror to discover that the conditioner has enabled the wax based lip liner to follow tiny pathways away from your carefully constructed lips. Kind of like frost on a window in very cold weather, but this one is red.

C---Just put it on.

Purchase a very expensive container of beautiful dark exotic lip color. Deep blue-black-plum is a beautiful color. Do not bother with lip pencil, because they just have wax in them that will venture out from your lips into tiny lines.

Carefully outline lips, using the chiseled tip as you would the lip liner. Fill in lips fully, blot on tissue and fill in again, blotting and filling in, until you finally figure out that blotting just removes most of the color.

Put a dab of light highlighter color in the middle of the bottom lip to give it that pouty look. Decide to stick your nose up in the air at everyone who says that everyone knows that you NEVER just use one color of lipstick and stick with your solitary beautiful tube of expensive stuff.

Go out in public not just to participate in social events, but to RULE them with your hot new look. Grin slyly and confidently when people tell you how "hot" you look in your new leather suit, knowing your secret is really in that luxurious new tube of gorgeous lipstick.

Go into the florescent lit bathroom where you look suspiciously like a spectre and stare in horror as you discover that your lips have developed an allergy to this expensive new stuff and your lip skin has peeled off in alarming chunks, leaving you looking like a person with either leprosy or 3rd degree burns on the lips.

Try in vain to reapply the product, only to discover that you have located one of the only lipsticks that will NOT adhere to peeled lip skin, therefore leaving you in that disease resembling condition.

Then get hit with the thought that perhaps that comment about how hot you look was more charitable than envious........?

Check out what the make up guru says

Ok, so you are about all done in with this lipstick dilemma. In all fairness to diversity, let us get the opinion of a sensitive 90's guy. The make up artist to the stars.........

Obtain his latest best seller from the library and let's open the book at random.

Hmmm. Page 158. Wow, here is yet another view on how women should wear lipstick.

Obtain a bright red creamy lipstick with a point. You can use a brush if the tube is well used or flat.

Load the brush with sufficient product and starting at the corner about 1/4 inch south of the tear duct of your eye, draw a line that levels out to be paralell with the eyebrow. Follow this line out beyond the eyebrow and then bring it back to underline the lower lashes until you are about half way under the eye, and then fade the line into the eye.

Fill in the lines you just drew thoroughly with bright red lipstick.

NOTE TO SELF See if everyone says that everyone knows that you NEVER apply just one color includes usage on eyes.

Closing Comments

Wow, I have only just scratched the surface in this huge topic of how to apply lipstick. There is so much diversity and so many view points on this topic, that I am not sure if I have just raised more questions than I have stepped closer to solving this dilemma.

Seriously, folks, we had a Hollywood makeup artist in our family growing up. After hearing some of what he said I was motivated to do my own research and I have learned many valuable things.

Like any kind of creative medium, the performance of the medium depends on its structure and compositition of ingredients.

Colors within a certain make up line can vary as much as people do. Some have more wax which will bleed onto your face, others have so little that they are like spreading NAD'S thick hair remover goop on your lips.

Colors will not always behave like you expect. Pinks might become orange. Some colors you think will stain do not. Some will make your lips peel leaving you looking really odd.

Experimentation is the best key. You can get all of the books you want and interview all of the people you want to, but each color of each product provides you with a whole new set of variables.

The best most tried and true method I know of is to take a day that you are not going anywhere and try the combination of lipstick and liner or other products together and see how they act throughout a normal day. That way you will not be caught with any surprises.

Keeping that in mind, best of luck to you in your endeavor to learn about lipstick. There is no way to cover all of the possibilities as the variables are endless.

As you can see from the preceding look at the actual experiences of a few different people, the results of what you want to accomplish with what lipstick you choose to use can vary a little to a lot.

This editorial is dedicated to Mike24 after his inspiring topic of EPINIONS new topics that have opened up our creative and informative avenues as authors.

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