Are your stools backed up?

Feb 17, 2001

The Bottom Line With proper exercise, plenty of water and a fiber rich diet you will be constipation free!

It does not matter how old you are since Constipation affects young and old alike. Men and women are prone to bouts of Constipation with various products on the market specifically geared towards the elderly, female, men, pregnant and nursing women.

Diet plays a big part in avoiding the Constipation demon. Start by drinking the eight glasses of water a day, which will help cleanse your body and a lot easier than having to use an enema. My neighbor’s mother is in her 80's and gave herself an enema, which led to an emergency room visit. Eat foods rich in fiber like bran, nuts, wheat and pinto beans. I have a bag of air-popped popcorn daily, the fun way to get fiber in my diet! The process of adding fiber should be gradual, as your colon needs to get used to this product. The side effects of adding fiber quickly into your diet are cramps and diarrhea. You can go from no stools to loose stools very quickly, in which case flush often!

Ever since I heard that cheese is a perpetrator for Constipation I have stopped with the string and consume cheese in moderation. By keeping track of the daily intake of fiber rich foods you can stop this bloated feeling before it happens.

You will have some discomfort with Constipation, such as abdominal pain as well as hemorrhoids who are no strangers to pregnant woman! If this happens get the pillow out and sit down gently.

If you have ever watched a commercial on television for laxatives the word they always use is gentle. The first thing to do once you have taken a laxative is get to that toilet pronto since some of these products take effect immediately. I took one during my first pregnancy and that was the only time.

There are colon cleansing programs, natural laxatives, suppositories and vitamins to aid in ridding Constipation . There is a website for a free balance analysis you can take to see if your system is in balance, For a free herbal tea sample check this out,

For some people being regular means one bowel movement a day while others may have only four a week. The first step is to determine what is normal for your body and make the changes in your diet slowly. Establish a regular routine by going at the same time each day. When the urge strikes do not ignore! For some it may be necessary to empty the bowel with a laxative or enema before starting a high fiber diet.

Once the body starts moving waste again continue to drink the water that is needed for your colon. If you find blood in the stools, contact a Doctor or Nurse hotline with your insurance company for further instructions.

Offer raisins and prunes to children and the elderly. These are a great source of fiber that is sold in a variety of sizes and used to garnish cereals and salads. The products to help Constipation come in powders, chewable tablets and wafers. Some you must take with water or food and continue once improvement arrives.

Constipation is triggered by stressful situations. For example ever have to take a detour on the way to a job interview or presentation and then wait and wait! This is when carrying some reading material comes in handy. It would be helpful to keep a step stool in your bathroom for elevation of the legs causing less strain on the muscles and the focus on something else!

The following are some products sold to assist with this uncomfortable side effect called Constipation :

Milk of Magnesia
Fiber Con
Feen a mint

Constipation is also a side effect to many prescriptive medicines so check before leaving the pharmacy just in case you want to buy some preventive items or ones to combat this side effect. My children take iron supplements and this is one of the symptoms as well as a change in the stools. I have read that bad breath is a sign for constipation and might help in determining Constipation in children.

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