Sock Sizes vs. Shoe Sizes: Buyer Beware

Feb 20, 2001

The Bottom Line Read labels and choose the correct sized sock. Sock sizes are NOT the same as shoe sizes.

I have read a few of the reviews under this category entitled "How To Choose Socks". Who would have thought that there could be so many opinions about buying socks? It just goes to show you exactly how many opinions and thoughtful responses are held by epinions members.

As a woman with a size 10 foot, I have found that not only is it hard to find shoes in stock in my size (as one of the most demanded shoe sizes you would think that manufacturers and retailers would figure out how to stock enough of this popular shoe size), but that the socks that are sold along-side those shoes are often the wrong size.

Unless you are a woman with a larger foot you may have never noticed that most "women's" socks are sized from 9-11. In sock sizing this equates to a "medium" sock -- or fits shoe sizes from 6 to just under 10. For me, a medium sock is just way too snug. Unless I read labels carefully, I am liable to find a sock that is just snug enough to be uncomfortable. The best sock for a larger foot should be sized from 11 to 13 or "large". Although not commonly available it is worth the search to find socks that fit properly. For tennis socks, crew socks or other "unisex" socks, consider trying the men's version.

As I was researching this epinions, I found that sock sizes are unisex and don't match either men's or women's shoe sizes. Sock sizes truly are their own animal.

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