GE Hand Mixer with Case 106651

GE Hand Mixer with Case 106651

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My GE Hand Mixer makes baking a breeze!

Feb 26, 2003
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Pros:all pros

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The Bottom Line: A great little hand mixer for very little money...what more could you ask for?

Over the past few years it’s become increasingly difficult for me to do my Christmas baking. My hand and wrist were not able to keep up with my baking requirements, and I accepted the fact I was going to have to purchase a hand mixer. Shopping I went, in the hopes of finding a mixer that was going to make my baking dreams a reality.

GE Hand Mixer Model #106651 to the rescue!

The GE Hand Mixer Model #106651 is a spiffy little number that features:

225 Watts of power
Hand Mixer Stabilizer
6 Speeds with a Power Surge Button
2 Wire Beaters
Single Whisk
2 Dough Hooks
Carrying case

First off, this is a nice, relatively light, white mixer with grey accents. A rubberized area on the handle makes it very easy to hold onto, and it’s really easy to use. The surge button and speed control-on/off-eject buttons are all ideally placed at the top of the handle where they’re easy to reach and use. The speeds available are:
0 – Off and /or Eject
1 – Low for folding or mixing in dry ingredients, muffins or quick breads
2 – To cream butter and sugar; most cookie dough
3 – Medium speed for most packaged cake mixes; bread dough
4 – Frostring and mashed potatoes; bread dough
5 – Beating egg whites; bread dough
6 – High speed for whipping cream; bread dough

The beaters are easy to insert. Just make sure the mixer is set to 0, insert the beater into the opening at the bottom and make sure it clicks into place. Repeat with the other beater. The Whisk is similarly simple to insert, and you can use either opening. The Dough Hooks are opening specific, but they’re still easy to insert because of the diagram at the bottom of the mixer. It clearly shows which dough hook goes into which opening. Keep in mind that the dough hooks are to be used with speeds 3 to 6 to knead dough. Also you shouldn’t knead dough continuously for more than 5 minutes at the risk of overheating the mixer, and only one loaf should be kneaded at a time. This is a hand mixer after all.

Easy to use, make sure its unplugged and set to 0, insert the chosen attachment, plug it in and mix, always starting at 1 and working your way up to higher speeds as required. How simple is that? Push eject to remove the attachments (of course with the mixer set to 0!) The speed control slides easily from one speed to another, and the Power Surge button is great! Just press it down and hold for extra power at any speed. Once again, though, don’t use it for more than two minutes or you run the risk of overheating the mixer.

The Hand Stabilizer feature is quite nice to have as well. It really is just a little ridge on the bottom of the mixer, but that ridge allows me to rest the mixer on the edge of my mixing bowl when I’m adding more ingredients. Keeps spills and messes to a minimum! Just don’t try resting it on a small or plastic bowl! It won’t be heavy enough to hold the weight of the mixer and then there will be a spill and mess to clean up! And of course turn the mixer off when using the stabilizer.

The GE Hand Mixer Model #106651 is easy to clean. Wash the attachments in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry. Wipe the mixer body, cord and case with a clean damp cloth. Don’t use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads, and never immerse the mixer in liquid.

The power cord is about four feet long, which makes it great for kitchens where electrical outlets are at a premium or out of the way. The carrying case is very nice, keeps the mixer and its attachments together in one place without fear of misplacing anything. Sits easily on its side in the cupboard, and that’s a very good thing indeed when my cupboard space is at a premium!

My GE Hand Mixer Model #106651 came with the standard instruction booklet, as well as nine tasty recipes for dips, cookies, breads, etc. It also comes with a two-year Limited Warranty covering any defect in material or workmanship.

We’ve used the GE Hand Mixer Model #106651 many many times since we’ve purchased it, for everything from quick breads to cakes to pfeffernusse (thanks mind-full for the recipe!) and we’ve not had a single problem. From whipping cream to creaming butter and sugar, this mixer has made baking a breeze! Highly recommended!

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