Hoover SteamVac Carpet/Upholstery Detergent-128oz. 40301004

Hoover SteamVac Carpet/Upholstery Detergent-128oz. 40301004

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Hoover SteamVac Carpet/Upholstery Detergent - washes that dog right out of my rug.

Mar 5, 2003
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Pros:It works!

Cons:Be careful around it - wash your hands after touching it.

The Bottom Line: I have compared brands and Hoover SteamVac Detergent is the best. No doubt about it.

Over 2 1/2 years ago, we bought a Hoover SteamVac. Since that time we have used countless bottles of detergent for it including generic brands but we keep going back to the Hoover SteamVac Carpet/Upholstery Detergent.

About the product:

This product comes in several sizes including a 64-ounce bottle. We buy the 128-ounce bottle because not only is it the best value but with an aging dog, we go through this frequently. 128 ounces is one gallon. It isn’t light so if you have a problem lifting something that is a gallon you might want the smaller bottle. It has a nice handle, though, that allows me to grip the plastic bottle easily. A regular cap that screws on opens and closes this bottle.

It is a detergent for deep cleaning machines. It claims to not only deep clean but to brighten and deodorize as well. We are told that it reduces allergens caused by dust mites, pollen, dust and pet dander.

The Hoover detergent can be used with all types of deep cleaning machines.

It is biodegradable and the bottle is coded 2 for recycling.

It is a concentrated solution, which should dissolve most types of dirt, grease and grime without harming carpet fibers or washable upholstery.


This product contains Anionic (A negatively charged ion, especially the ion that migrates to an anode in electrolysis.) and Nonionic Surficants. (Stearic acid- A colorless, odorless, waxlike fatty acid, CH3(CH2)16COOH, occurring in natural animal and vegetable fats and used in making soaps, candles, lubricants, and other products.) The definitions are from yourdictionary.com.

Avoid contact with your eyes and skin. If you do come in contact with your eyes, flush them for 15 minutes or wash your skin with water. Call your doctor if any irritation occurs.

Keeps this out of the reach of children!! This is poison.

In the 2 ˝ years, I have never had any reaction to this product and not only have I touched it (I haven’t immersed my hands in it and I do wash them.) but I step on the carpet that has been cleaned with it and haven’t washed my feet and have had no problems. I am not suggesting you do that. You should heed the warnings. This has been my experience with this detergent.

How it is used:

Since we keep our Steam Cleaner out (As in it is now part of our living room décor.) we do not just use this to shampoo the rugs. We do shampoo the rugs once a week and before doing so we vacuum which we are told to do. But I have to clean up my dog’s accidents about 4 times a day and I just use my Cleaner on the spot(s).

You should shake the detergent before using it and then add 5 ounces of this Detergent and one gallon of hot tap water (I do this in the tub.) to the Clean Solution Tank. (That is part of the Steam Cleaner. Any type of Steam Cleaner will have this tank.) You should test it out just to make sure that the carpet or upholstery you are cleaning is colorfast and won’t fade. Wait 10 minutes and then blot with a white paper towel or damp cloth. Again I have to admit I’ve never done any of this. I take my chances and live dangerously. I do the same thing when I color my hair. I have never done a strand test or elbow test or any other kind of test. These are the instructions, though, and I feel obligated to tell you to follow them. You should allow your carpet or upholstery to dry thoroughly before you walk on it or sit on it. (If that were the case with my living room rug I wouldn’t ever step foot in it, so again, I ignore that step!)

My thoughts and experiences:

My SteamVac came with a small bottle of Hoover Detergent so my first experience was with this product. My dog’s toe was bleeding (It has since been amputated.) and I was amazed (As my SteamVac review title states – remember this is an old review if you look at it. I don’t know if this model is even made so many new ones have come out since.) that it removed the blood. Without getting into gory details, I have cleaned up messes that if you walked in my house would say were not cleanable. The SteamVac comes with a hose which is necessary for some of the nastiest messes but for the most part just going over the area with the Vac and pushing the button so the detergent comes out works like a miracle.

I will go as far out on this limb to say that as much as I love my Steam Vac and would replace it with another Hoover, I do believe that it is the Hoover Detergent that is really doing the work. I don’t have to go that far out on a limb because as I said I have used generic brands and they just don’t work as well. I either have to go over the spot more times than I would like or the spot just doesn’t come up as well as with the Hoover detergent.

There has been absolutely no harm to my carpet from the detergent and the carpet is a nice Berber. We also have had to clean the bottom of our couch and the “dirt” comes up easily. We have used it for general cleaning as well – if we have had a party in the house, or people bring in sand from the beach – but that kind of dirt is child’s play compared to my dog’s issues.

I am allergic to dust but do not have allergies in my house. I don't know if it is because of the cleaner. I do know when we lived on Cape Cod, the house was "sick" and I had a constant case of allergies there. The carpet doesn't look like it did (bright white) when we first bought the house, but it looks decent considering what we go through with Popcorn.

My final thoughts:

Obviously I love this product and am not sure what I would do if it were discontinued for some reason. This is a product that works so well. I can’t say that about too many products. There is nothing wrong with it except that it is an irritant and you do have to be careful with it.

Feel free to leave me a comment or a question.

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