KING of Birthday Parties...

Feb 20, 2001

The Bottom Line Burger King is the KING of birthday Parties!!!

If you are looking for a great place to provide a quick and hassle free birthday party for your child, try Burger King. We just had our 10 year olds party at Burger King, and couldn't be more pleased with the service, hospitality, and cost.

Our local Burger King has a separate play room for parties and they do not limit the amount of children you may invite. Burger Kings play area features a maze of slides and crawl through tunnels for children of all sizes. Well I wouldn't advise mixing a large age difference of children for parties, as we know how rowdy kids can get. The slides are all safety enclosed with secure netting to prevent accidental falls. I just had to crawl up through the slide perhaps reliving my childhood with the 7 little boys and girls at our party and they thought that was hilarious!

For a set rate fee [ours was $17.50] Burger King provides a customized decorated birthday cake complete with candles, set ups of plates, napkins, party favors for each child, balloons, and a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl. We went the extra step to provide our guests with Burger King Hamburger Kid's meals at a minor cost of $2.00 per child. Burger King had set up for 10 children, and we had 7 attend the party. Each child received dinner, party favors, cake and ice cream and an hour and a half of LOUD party time fun. Our total cost was only $36.22. You can't provide a home party with all the extras for that amount of money. Not to mention that you don't have to clean up.

We checked around with various fast food restaurants that offered party packages and found Burger King to have the best deal for the money. I'm very glad that Burger King helped make our sons 10th birthday extra special!

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