Rubbermaid Wrap 'N Craft Jumbo Box 2141

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Rubbermaid Wrap 'N Craft Jumbo Box 2141 - Holds This Family's Wrapping Needs Safely

Apr 3, 2003
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Pros:Great, great storage

Cons:None for us

The Bottom Line: Our ideal storage system that meets our wrapping needs beautifully.

I married into a huge family that celebrates every holiday, birthday and event - and every loving gift has to be wrapped. Whether it be in a gift bag with pretty tissue paper or wrapped with regular wrapping paper, I spend certain months (especially Christmas) wrapping a lot.

I came from a family of wrappers - my mom is the queen and always wrapped all of our gifts. For storage however she had huge boxes (like an umbrella stand) she would set up in our basement. That just wouldn't work for me her with our damp basement (believe me, I tried) and my closets are full enough. I just knew I could find something to slide under my guest bed (the only bed on the main floor) that would hold all my wrapping needs.

Since I am not a gifted wrapper, I only have basic materials - no bows, ribbons, or the like. Just rolls of paper I find on sale, packs of tissue paper, folded dollar store gift bags, generic gift tags, generic tape, a black marking pen, a pair of all purpose scissors. So hitting my local Walmart and looking around I immediately found the Rubbermaid Wrap 'N Craft Jumbo Box 2141 - ideal for my wrapping and storage needs and under $15.

Briefly, What Is It?

A clear plastic, rectangular bottom base with 2 white trays as inserts that rest inside (hanging from the sides so that items can be stored underneath them). Green textured top with lip to safely snap over the base. The trays are more square and lay next to each other. It is designed in this shape to be able to easily slide under a bed, or lay flat in a longer storage area.

So What's Yours Got In It?

It is hard to say exactly how much this can hold - after all, there are different sized rolls, packages, and bags depending. Currently, mine has:

3 rolls of Christmas paper
1 roll of birthday paper
15 assorted sized gift bags
*3 packages of flat tissue paper
*1 pair of scissors
*1 package of labels
*1 roll of tape
*1 pen

and the base is about 3/4 full, the trays (which holds the starred items) are about 1/3 full. So I still clearly have room for more.

Lovin' The Rubbermaid Wrap 'N Craft Jumbo Box 2141

I didn't want to store in my basement so I was really looking for something to go under the bed. This stores well and is easy to get to what I need, and yet out of the way most of the time (no one but us knows it's there!) It really seems to keep a tight seal - nothing has gotten damaged, crushed or molded. It is very durable - I have owned this for at least 2 years now and it looks as good as new. This even after my almost 3 year old has at on and in it while "helping" Mommy to wrap. I have not had a single problem with its use or performance. It needs no cleaning, or repairs - one of the few things in my house that is just perfect and ready to go when I need it.

It really fits all my needs.


I would recommend this highly for the average sized wrapping family. If you are a huge family of multiple rolls of paper and dozens of bags of bows, one of these Rubbermaid Wrap 'N Craft Jumbo Box 2141 probably just wouldn't cut it. But for the average wrapper, like me, this product probably would be ideal.

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