Where the Hell Did My Profile Pics Go?

Feb 25, 2001

The Bottom Line Do not use GEOCITIES for pics on your profile page. They won't show up.

For several days I have been trying to figure out why some of the pictures I put on my profile page mysteriously vanished this past week. At first I was ready to put the blame once again on Epinions and their upgrade. However, I was at a loss as to why it was only happening to some of my pictures and not others.

I left everything alone for a couple of days, but then my curiosity got the better of me. I had to figure out why and was there a way to correct it. So now the detective in me was going to launch an investigation.

My first stop was to look at other members profiles. Interestingly, many of the pages I looked at were having the same problem while others did not. I decided to check the source of the missing pics on other members pages. I did this by "right clicking" on the "box with the red x" and going to properties. I did this on dozens of pics, both where the image was present and on the missing ones. On most of the missing pics I discovered they were all from the same place. However, before I "accused" the source I decided to go back to my profile and change the source of my pic. I set up an account at Photopoint.com, copied one of my the missing pics to that site, added it to a folder I created on the site and then went back to my Epinions profile and copied the new link to the pic and YES!!!! it was there.

Still being a bit negative I decided to wait a day and recheck my profile and the pic was still there. I solved the problem!

So now you are asking, "what was the problem?" Believe it or not it is GEOCITIES! It turns out they they are no longer allowing pictures or graphics uploaded to your homepage on their site to be accessed by another site. They claim that too much bandwith was being used.

So, if you are missing any pictures on your Epinions profile page and the source is your Geocities homepage, blame Geocities. Change your pics to another site and it will work. I used Photopoint.com for no particular reason.

This time we can't blame Epinions!

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