Five Ways to Maximize the Resale Value of your Little Tikes Products

Feb 26, 2001

The Bottom Line This article tells you how to increase the resale value of those Little Tikes toys when you decide to sell them.

Note: this is the third, and final, part of this review. In Part I, I discussed five things that make Little Tikes toys so popular. In Part II, I answered every parents burning questions about Little Tikes products. In Part IIII, Ill show you how to maximize the resale value of those Little Tikes products when your child has outgrown them.

So, your house is full of Little Tikes products. You are literally drowning in a sea of molded plastic. Well, before you ban future purchases of Little Tikes toys, listen to this good news:

Did you know that you are sitting on a goldmine?

Thats rightall those Little Tikes products might make you a small fortune when your child no longer uses them. Secondhand Little Tikes productsand especially their outdoor equipment and toys--are highly desirable. In fact, if you want to attract hundreds of people to your next garage sale, advertise that you will be selling Little Tikes toys. Then plan to open early, because people will be pounding on your door!

Naturally, your child wont let you cash in on that goldmine yet, but when he outgrows those toys, you will want to get the maximum resale value for them. This article gives you five tips for getting the most money from your secondhand Little Tikes toys!

Tip #1. Keep them clean.
It may seem obvious, but occasional washing will ensure that your product looks new for years to come. If you arent sure how to wash your item, read Part II of this review under Burning Question #2: How do I clean my Little Tikes Products?

Tip #2. Save the original packaging, warranty card (if applicable) and assembly manual.
I was recently shopping at a childrens resale shop and saw the difference this makes in an items value. At the shop, there were two identical childrens tape recorders. One was slightly more worn, but it was packaged in its original box with warranty card and usage manual. Believe it or not, the resale shop wanted several dollars more for the recorder in the original packaging! Although the cassette recorder wasnt a Little Tikes product, I think the general idea is applicable to all childrens products. If possible and feasible, keep the original packaging!

If you lost the assembly instructions, you can request a duplicate copy from Little Tikes. Some instructions are available from their website (, others can be ordered over the phone through their Consumer Service Department (800-321-0183).

Tip #3. Minimize fading, especially for outdoor products.
Although fade inhibitors are added to the outdoor products to slow down the effect of ultraviolet light, they cant stop the process completely. To minimize fading, the company recommends that you place these items in an area of your yard that does not receive direct sunlight all day.

Tip #4. Ensure that you have all parts and they are in working order.
If you sons old 3-in-1 Sports Set is missing its plastic bat or your daughters Cookin Sounds Gourmet Kitchen no longer includes its cooking pans, you can usually order replacement parts for a very reasonable price. For more information, see Part II of my review under Burning Question #6: How can I order replacement parts or check out the Consumer Services section of their website.

Tip #5. Make sure the product hasnt been recalled. If so, make the necessary changes or improvements.
Search the Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) website ( to see if the item has been recalled. Often, you dont need to discard recalled items. You can usually make some minor adjustments to update them and make them safe for use by a child.

For example, the recalled High Back Toddler Swing requires the addition of a seatbelt to prevent a child from falling out of the swing. You can request this seatbelt and complete assembly instructionsfree of chargeby calling Little Tikes at 800-868-2276.

The CPSC website will tell you all this, and much more, about the recalled product. Occasionally, you may not be able to fix the product. In that case, the manufacturer often offers a replacement item of equal value.

It might sound like a hassle to check the recall status of the items you own, but the golden rule applies here. Wouldnt you want to know that your secondhand purchases are free of recalls or updated? If the product now meets new safety standards, inform the potential purchaser by adding a small sticker stating its updated condition.

Well, there you have it: my Epinions review on everything you should know about Little Tikes. Now, Ill race you to the toy store!

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