Planet of Tim Burton: Not Worth It...

Apr 21, 2003
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Pros:Great costume designs, interesting special effects

Cons:Haven't I seen this before, but better?

The Bottom Line: If you just want to stare at Mark Walberg and Estella Warren, turn the TV to MUTE and you'll be fine.

I saw the original Planet of the Apes many years ago, and thought, 'Hmm, interesting...' I saw this one and thought, 'Hmm, what??'. First of all, I believe it should never have been remade. Second of all, Mark Walberg is way too hero-like at just the right moments. The movie is almost exactly like the first one, only alot harder to understand. My first question; this planet was supposedly uninhabited when the first ship landed there, with only apes and people; so where did the horses come from?? My second question; at the end, he sees the Lincoln Memorial is now a Memorial of an ape on Earth; ????? This is not worth seeing, especially if you at all liked the first one. I'm not big on sci-fi to begin with, but at least the first one was a little easier to follow.

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