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Good, but outdated info about DreamHost
by digitalgravy
This review speaks nothing but truth about DreamHost, they are great, but now they include tons more than he is saying. On the Sweet Dreams plan he is using the storage and bandwidth have been raised to 1000 MB for storage and 30 GB for bandwidth along with many other features. One of the better features added is you can fully host 7 sites and 35 sub-domains all included with no extra packages required.
Feb 16, 2004
9:56 am PST

Doncha love...
by tipu
... finding all those loopholes? (~;

Since I need a host to carry a few pages right now (don't want those unreliable free pop-up ad hosts anymore), I think DH offers more than I need right now. But if I ever need to upgrade, I'll keep this one in mind.

Thanks Dan! ...t-žoo
Oct 9, 2001
7:45 pm PDT

Every epinions member ...
by theeye
should do the role reversal and try out Epinions as a consumer (I know I've made quite a few purchase decisions based on research on this site). As your review demonstrates, it can be a win-win-win situation. You got key information to make a good buying decision; you got to experience Epinions from the "other side"; and the rest of us now get to benefit from your very well-written and comprehensive review.

Glad to see you're still actively with us. :-)
Feb 20, 2001
7:43 am PST