Mar 5, 2001

The Bottom Line I'm an adult woman and I still like Barbie's, especially my multi-cultural collection.

I remember my first Barbie doll in the ugly striped bathing suit. My friends and I used to sew clothes for our Barbie dolls. Too bad I didn't save that piece of plastic because I'd be rich today.

Anyway, as an adult with an adult son, I still love Barbie dolls. I have a small collection I keep in the house for my friend's girls. I also like to make crochet outfits for them so the girls have something to change them into.

Teaching in an after school program, we allowed the girls to bring in their Barbie dolls. I brought in mine also. I was glad I did because I had a collection of multi cultural dolls while most of the others had only the white girl dolls.

This gave us something to talk about how people of different races are beautiful in their own right. I know there are complaints that Barbie is built in an unrealistic manner. That she should be shorter, plumper with less breasts. I don't care about anything like that. Barbie is a fantasy but I'm glad she also come in Native American, Afro American, and Oriental.

I bought my Barbie's on sale at Walmart.

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