Harcourt Learning Direct. I am so happy I found it!

Dec 29, 2000 (Updated Mar 27, 2001)

The Bottom Line This is a great way to gain your high school diploma or advance in a career, all from your own home!

I am working on getting my high school diploma through Harcourt Learning Direct and I have to say that it is wonderful.
I am a stay home mom and I don't have time to take classes outside the home, so this is perfect for me!
I can study and take exams when ever I want!
And you do it all from your home, or where ever you want to take your books with you.
You can take exams by mail, phone or online.
And you can go online and check out all your info with Harcourt, all the exams you have taken, mailing history and payment history.
And you can even contact them if you have trouble with any area of your study.
Plus, the payments are cheap and well worth it.
They also have several other courses you can take, I am already planning what I am going to take next.
And to be quite honest, I think I have learned more from this course than I did in real school.
It is not like a GED, you get in depth courses that cover every area, just like you would in high school.
And the people at Harcourt are great.
They are very kind and helpful.
This one is highly recommended!

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