ROTC a great program

Feb 16, 2000

I agree that ROTC is a very good program. My Brother is a Marine in his second term. He joined ROTC in high school because it was something that really interested him and he wanted to begin a career in the service. My brother was never a trouble maker, was always good in school and in fact is one of the most generous and caring men that I know. At 22 years old I feel he has a very good head on his shoulders.

He has donated his time through ROTC to help many different people. I have been keeping all his certificates of appreciation that he has received in order to eventually put together a scrap book of his accomplishments.

In front of me I have a certificate from the HRS Collier County Public Health Unit for his valuable service to the community's children, this was for a part he played in an annual health screening day for a local elementary school.

I think its honorable for a young man of his age to realize the importance of the role he has in society and try and help out. I also feel that ROTC prepared him for his life in the military by teaching him the importance of being healthy, independent, and a leader.

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